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My Aflac commercial has just come out this week!

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NEW on the blog!

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We all make the best plans, set goals, sometimes even sleep
in our gym clothes to ensure we get out the door when that 6 a.m. alarm goes
off…then what happens? We fall back asleep, forget where we wrote down our yearly
goals…. Motivation – there are times w...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars
Because one or the other isn't enough, right? These are very rich, so perhaps the best part is, you don't eat too many at once and truly savor the flavor of the cookie dough along with the sharper flavor of the cheesecake. Ingredients Crust: 2 cup flour 1/2...

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Market To Everyone and You Reach No One
A successful marketer knows how to read people. I think about
this every day, as I’m creating strategies, programs and content for my
clients, and always can hear Kenny Loggins singing in my head. “I’ve made a
living out of reading people’s faces…” We used ...

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All Social Platforms Were Not Created Equal
Sure, you can easily lump all the different social media
platforms into a large bucket and call them “Social Media,” but to truly reach
your target audience today, it means tailoring your messaging for each
platform. While a “spray and pray” method used to ...

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Skinny Chocolate Muffins
I am all for rationalizing my indulgences and turning guilty pleasures into just pleasures. Especially when it comes to chocolate. I recently made these muffins and loved them. I want to work on making them stay a bit moister for longer - let me know if you...

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All-Natural Homemade Pumpable Lotion
I am on a big DIY kick lately. One of the main things I wanted to learn how to do was make my own lotion. I use lotion often (especially during these harsh Chicago winters) and wanted to save money and be able to have exactly the scents I wanted. The first ...

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8 Ways To Be More Productive Working From Home
In the sixteen years I have been working professionally, I
have been fortunate to spend 9 of them working from home. My very first job out
of college, at 21, was a work-from-home job. I had never had a “real” full-time
grown up job before, and it was very e...
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