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Paralegal Toronto: Traffic Tickets, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant
Paralegal Toronto: Traffic Tickets, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant


Consumer Protection Act in action: Today, September 4, 2013, Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services issued a press release about a renovator was convicted on several charges under Ontario's Consumer Protection Act.
The contractor Philip Slobodzian of Pembroke, operating in the Ottawa area as PSC New Home Construction Inc., has been sentenced to four months in jail followed by two years' probation and ordered to pay more than $12,500 restitution to consumers. PSC New Home Construction Inc. was fined $41,000. Between May 2009 and May 2011, five consumers in the Ottawa area entered into agreements with Slobodzian to have their roofs re-shingled. They paid deposits, each of their roofs was stripped of their existing shingles - but no further work was done. The consumers had to find other contractors to complete the projects and their deposits were never refunded. I’m pleased to know that justice was delivered.

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Hello Drivers!!! I’d like to inform you that Ontario is continuing its gradual increase of driver and vehicle licence fees to improve vital infrastructure and support key services. On August 27, 2013, MTO issued a press release concerning driver and vehicle licence new fees and published an updated “pricelist”. Thus, if now the fee for a new driver's licence and renewals is $75, in a couple of days, starting from September 1, 2013, it will be $80. Government says that it’s necessary measure to improve vital infrastructure and support key services. You can check the price table here:

The turmoil around unreasonably high prices for auto insurance in Ontario has been for years. Finally, there is a good news: within the next two years, Ontario is targeting an average 15% auto insurance rate reduction - with an average 8% reduction target by August 2014.

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Residential tenancy agreements must always include a landlord and a tenant. Sometimes, however, people, other than tenants, also live in a rental unit, such as the tenant’s spouse, children, or other occupants or roommates. In addition to the ordinary landlord and tenant relationship, the Residential Tenancy Act has specific provisions relating to such matters as sublets, assignments, and unauthorized occupancy of rented residential premises. Ontario, Canada

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Traffic Tickets and Your Auto Insurance: Why you have to fight your traffic ticket
Okay, for any reason you’ve got a traffic ticket. Now what? Now you have to consider the options you have. According to the circumstances involved and the information on your traffic ticket, consider which option to choose. You have 15 days from the date of your traffic ticket to decide. Usually, there are 3 solutions for your traffic ticket:
1) Pay the fine for your traffic ticket (it is done out of court; by paying your traffic ticket you plead guilty; you’ll have a conviction record).
2) Visit a court office to plead guilty but make submissions about amount of fine or time to pay (a conviction is registered).
3) Request a trial. Depending on what your traffic ticket says, you may need to either mail your traffic ticket showing that you want a trial or you may need to visit a court office to file a request for trial.
You also have the fourth option – contact CP Paralegal Services at 416-671-7670 or as soon as you can and we fight your traffic ticket the best way possible. Actually, the last option is the best. No kidding!
Remember, paying the fine is an admission of guilt. There will be a conviction registered in your driver’s records. You will have no chance to lower your traffic ticket fine and demerit points (if any). Do not forget, if you have a conviction record, your auto insurance will be increased upon renewal.
Weigh the pros and cons of every option. Calculate the cost of fighting the traffic ticket and weigh it against the chances of getting it dismissed or reduced to a lower charge.
How CP Paralegal Services Can Help You to Fight Your Traffic Ticket
At CP Paralegal Services, we have experience and knowledge; we know how to fight your traffic ticket. We’ll develop the best strategy of your defense. If there is an outstanding error on your traffic ticket, we may be able to build your defense on that. Probably, your defense will be based on exceptional circumstances that lead to the issuing of your traffic ticket.
It always takes time and needs knowing the legal procedures to get necessary information (for example, disclosure) to fight your traffic ticket. We request this information in advance. We also make sure that all evidences are well-organized for your traffic ticket case.
You will not have to ask for a day off at work, to stand in line, find and pay for parking and gas in order to travel to the provincial offenses court just to request a trial date. We’ll do it for you. We also come to the hearing instead of you, and you will not be involved in a stressful process.
The police officer who issued you the traffic ticket must show up at the court hearing for your traffic ticket. If the police officer fails to show, your case will be dismissed. Often, the police officers schedule many court hearings on a certain day so that they can appear for all of them at once. If you have a good reason to change a date, there might be a chance that the officer won’t show up. You need to make your request in writing a few days in advance of the scheduled hearing. CP Paralegal Services can help you out with this.
Often, we talk to the Prosecutor before the hearing and we are able to come out with a good deal such as: lower a fine or decrease the demerit points or both, pay a fine without incurring the demerit points on your licence.
If you want to fight your traffic ticket by yourself or just would like to know more about traffic tickets, you can visit our website:
Happy driving!
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