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Ryan Rodden
A heavy metal guitarist and SEO Pro. Find another one of those if you can.
A heavy metal guitarist and SEO Pro. Find another one of those if you can.


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There comes a time for every business to completely optimize their web presence. If you are not taking advantage of the potential traffic that the internet can provide, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to attract customers.

Work with me if you want to the no BS approach to high rankings and a tremendous return on investment. If you don't take action now, your competitors will. Why let them have all the fun? #PhiladelphiaSEO Β Β 
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Jawstec announces the ability to order bulk 3D Printed D&D miniatures! They are unpainted so that you can paint them yourselves. #dungeonsanddragons #3dprinting

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About a week ago I created some QAPage and Question schema for a client. All of the code validated in the tool with no errors or warnings.

There is no current guideline for this that I am aware of, so for the most part it has been an experiment. Some major sites like StackExchange have seen some nice carousel-type boxes from implementing at least some code for each of these, so I often use theirs as a starting point.

Today, I discovered what appear to be possible new warnings/errors in the code when placed in the testing tool. I cannot confirm if this is brand new, but wondering if anyone else has seen this, or has had a lot of experience using Question/QAPage schema that can verify.
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*Structured data test - a simple thing*
I have coded a simple Chrome extension to test current url in your browser with Google's Structured Data Testing Tool. Test result page is opening in the new tab. An extension is very gentle - it doesn't eating your RAM and doesn't sell your DNA to aliens. BTW, its free:)
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Google breathes new life into events rich results

While Google has had rich results for events since 2010 ( they've rarely (at least in my experience) surfaced in search results, and even those appearances have been on the decline, despite (US) enhancements to events results launched in May 2017 (

As per the call-out link, Google today announced a new way of representing events (again, right now only for the US) with these new features:

* Key event information presented directly in the search results
* Ability to select from multiple ticket vendors (if they exist)
* Ability to generate personalized results (via a "For You" tab)
* Ability to save an event
* Ability to share an event

It'll be interesting to see what sort of usage these revamped event listings see, and if/when they'll be available outside of the United States.

#events #schemaorg #structureddata #richresults
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🚨 🚨

I may have discovered a clever affiliate scheme that hijacks local restaurant menus in the knowledge graph, redirecting through an affiliate link.

Examples here:

I have found these in Philly so far, and they likely hurt local businesses. Could be many others out there with the same issue.

The scheme seems to create a generic menu through the SinglePlatform service, which is added to a Google Biz listing. From this menu, users are redirected through a ShareASale link to

Bad user experience combined with middle-man affiliate commissions for no reason.

Flagged to +John Mueller

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+John Mueller wondering if you could shed some light on this...

Within the structured data guidelines, many of the declarable "type" guides ask you to express interest by submitting your website for review. I have done this for a number of local businesses and even my personal band website (music actions) but I never hear back.

Is there any way to follow up to see if we have been approved or incorporated into early testing for these features?

I know there are many SEOs out there that are willing to help by implementing quality schema, but the lack of response or clarity is sometimes disappointing.

Thanks for any insight.
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