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"66% of employees claim burnout is negatively affecting productivity..." See what companies are doing about it.

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‪#‎Physicianassistants‬ work in collaboration with a licensed physician to provide ‪#‎medical‬ care to patients. They may conduct physical exams, order different types of tests, develop treatment plans, write prescriptions, or monitor patients in hospital or medical facilities.
Other duties include diagnosing and treating illnesses, performing physical examinations, assisting in surgeries, making rounds in hospitals, and performing assigned tasks during a procedure.
Learn more about career path opportunities here...

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With jobs expected to grow 16 percent between 2014 and 2024, practical nursing is a wise career choice for anyone looking to enter the healthcare field and help others.
As medical professionals, licensed practical and vocational nurses work under the direction of registered nurses or physicians, and are responsible for both ‪#‎nursing‬ and administrative tasks. Find information on the field - from responsibilities to specialties to information on salary and employment. Prospective ‪#‎students‬ can also find several other resources to help them start a career in ‪#‎practicalnursing‬.

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An ‪#‎EMT‬ works in a variety of capacities, but most widely recognized for providing first-response ‪#‎medical‬ attention in ‪#‎emergency‬ situations. These may include car crashes, natural disasters, in-home health failures, and accidents. In addition to providing CPR and treating a variety of external wounds, EMTs also transport patients to hospitals or other medical facilities as needed.

If you're like most incoming #collegestudents entering a #nursing program, you're probably trying to decide what your potential specialty might be.
Learn How to Become has you covered - This week, we will feature exploratory #career resource guides to help you sift through the nuances of each field of specialization.
Each day will feature a new specialized field for you to explore - Among the many topics it covers, you'll learn about job outlook, salary possibilities, pre-professional opportunities and so much more.
Be sure to take a look

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Did You Know...?
The increased educational and training requirements of a ‪#‎RegisteredNurse‬ compared to a licensed practical or vocational nurse is significant, but so is the bump in pay. According to PayScale a registered nurse makes about 40 percent more than a licensed practical or vocational nurse.
Explore other aspects of being a registered nurse here...

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These are some very extreme jobs, but can we talk about number 7? How weird is that?
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