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Joshua Strobl
"Always do whatever's next." - George Carlin
"Always do whatever's next." - George Carlin

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Hang out and play some games with the Solus community in this gamefest! We'll be playing Xonotic, Teeworlds, Minecraft, and maybe more!

Saturday, March 25th at 1600GMT -

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Congrats to +GNOME on the new release.
GNOME 3.24 has just been released. Introducing an updated platform and applications including a number of major new features and enhancements as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. 3.24 represents another step forward for GNOME, and has much to offer both users and developers.

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Update: We've now got clr-boot-manager working with GRUB2 on Solus.
Next steps, stick it all in the repos..
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One of the cool little changes upcoming in Budgie 10.3 - Spotify coverart support in Raven and notifications, from a community contribution!

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Quick development update showing the initial testing/integration of clr-boot-manager from +Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture within Solus

At this point the hooks are not automatic, but you can clearly see CBM managing the kernels and ESP, performing an automatic namespace migration, and employing kernel retention & garbage collection.

Turns out using GIFs in macros in Phab is a complete flop. Seems to convert the first frame of it to a PNG and uses that. Looks pretty derp.

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Neat game being developed on Solus by +Solar Lune, a member of the Solus Community. Really cool to see someone using Solus to create wonderful things. Can't wait to buy a copy of the finished game!
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