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Comfort Zones? I am breaking out of mine.
I'm in the big city for a conference. The conference has been held at the same place, the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach, since I got hired. This is my third trip. Each drive has been a bit hairy. Picture rush hour, ever time. Lot's of drivers who are used to th...

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Don't giveaway your trash
We have a few “thrift stores” in our small community. Along with the stores where you can donate
your stuff, there are a couple of consignment-type stores, for lack of a better
description.  These little shops open and
close fairly often. There simply aren’...

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Great articles and pictures/

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The Minimalist 30 Day Challenge.
So when I first started testing the waters of minimalism 3 or 4 years ago, it seemed like a strange concept. Items, to me, meant some form of success. The more I had of something, the better prepared I was for what life might throw at me.  Add to that belie...

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Stress and food
It's been a rough week for me... Not giving anyone the dirty details, but let's say I'm not very proud of myself right now. Just because I'm in recovery doesn't mean I don't tread a slippery slope and old behaviors don't try to sneak in.  But I'm gonna over...

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I can't tell you what triggers my stress.  I wish I could, because then it wouldn't take me forever to discover I'm stressed. And for the record, what I'm experiencing isn't what most people think of when they are stressed. Here's what I realize is happenin...

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Foggy, slippery surfaces
I don't mean the roads, either... which actually do apply to the title of this post because our roads here in the southern Oregon coast are icy, slippery and foggy thanks to the very rare snowfall we had yesterday.  It's pretty, but brrrrr and yikes, scary ...

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The simple things...
Mondays need to be simple, just for the simple fact it's Monday.  It doesn't matter if it's the first day of your work week, if it's your day off, if you have the day off as a holiday, or even if you're retired.  It reminds me of the word "mundane" which me...

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2017 is what we make of it.
Happy New Year... I know many of you say that 2016 was absolutely horrible and that you believe that 2017 will be just as bad. Seriously, that makes me so sad. I don't judge how bad or good my life is by who got elected, by what celebrities died this year o...

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Next years Christmas gift ideas.
I know, I know, I'm sorry... it's only December 27, how in the world can I be thinking about Christmas already. It's simple. Once again, I struggled with Christmas gifts.  I did a lot of homemade stuff which felt great, but I felt kinda "off" when it came d...
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