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Rabia Denise
Texas bred, southern girl
Texas bred, southern girl

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Guest Room Reveal
Hey Ya'll! Happy Turkey Week! So, I have been MIA for about the last week, whoops. But, I have a reason I promise, I have finished the guest room! With the exception of a few knick-knacks it's basically finished. Since I gave myself a time crunch to finish ...

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Project Stool
Hey Ya'll!   In my last post I shared new décor pieces for the guest room. Today, I'm going to share the love I gave to the Project Stool, who needed a lot of it!  The Stool was a little wobbly with the tiniest bit of padding for a seat and a weird paint jo...

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Guest Room Decor
Hey Ya'll, This might be short and sweet, but some times it's nice to get straight to the point, right? A couple posts ago I shared my desire to redecorate my guest room before my In-laws made it in for Thanksgiving. So, on Thursday I made it a point to go ...

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Frumpy to Fabulous
Hey Ya'll! Living overseas for 3 years deprived me of many, wonderful American fads, with Antiquing being one. Don't get me wrong, there were opportunities to find some great pieces over there, but nothing that was tickling my fancy at the time. Ever since ...

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Guest Room Inspiration
Hey Ya'll! First of all, Happy November! We're getting so close to December, the very best month of the year! (49 Days till Christmas!) But, first we get to indulge in Thanksgiving and eat 'till our heart's content. Who doesn't love to eat 'till you're abou...

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DIY Upholstered Headboard
Our lovely finished headboard     Ever since we moved into the new house, I have been searching for the perfect headboard. I have filed through online stores, bargain stores (TJ maxx, Ross) and even high end stores, just to dream a little. Scrolling through...

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Spaghetti Carbonara
Hey All! Living in Europe has left us craving Italian, German, and all sorts of European cuisine! I am constantly trying to muster up recipes and activities to fulfill our cravings just a little longer!  One of the Husband's favorite Italian dishes is Spag...

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My Mary Kay®
Hey Ya'll! Hope ya'll are ready for the weekend, Because it's here! For my first makeup entry, I want give you a little peek into the new Mary Kay® lines, marykay@play ™ and the Limited Edition Fairytales and Fantasy. I'm loving both lines with the Fairytal...

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My Mary Kay....
My Mary Kay® journey begin almost 10 months ago and it has flown by. Mary Kay® has been in my life longer than the past 10 months, I have used their products ever since I can remember!!! From the time I was young girl, my mother always had MK products under...

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