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Sometime it now how much you care but how much you could let go
Sometime it now how much you care but how much you could let go
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Ailgo olio tuna bits, a bit lacking of the garlic which I will made up for it next time.

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Whitening cream, lotion, mask  and sorts

There are so many such product that use so many different ingredient as you tried frantically to find one to make you look fairer than ever *blink blink
But do you know that most whitening product unable to make your skin "whiter"?

Yup it doesn't, the actual result of such product is to prevent/reduce the chances of your skin from turning darker, in reducing outbreak of pigmentation, or make your skin less prone to UV radiation and such. They will make your brighter thus making your skin tone seem lighter.

Still there are some real whitening product which is known as belching, that actually make your skin really white. Below is one of ingredient that is being used.

If your current product have hydroquinone, you need to be wary as there is a ban of sale as an over counter drug in several countries.

You might think, hey i don't have any skin allergy to the product, so it must be okay for me to use right?

Well think again, if you use it over long term, it may lead you premature aging and increase pigmentation of skin.

So unless you in for belching your face to gain a temporary boost and to waste more time, effect and money to repair the damage otherwise don't use it.

Still if a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon prescript such product, you should still enquire on the item before using it.

What should i do then???
Just look or product that is anti oxidant for your skin. Also check what are the reason your skin tone is darker.
If your reason is due to UV radiation, you could jsut apply some sun block or use hyaluronic acid product to improve protection and moisture.

Well a very brief explanation to this for fun. Hope someone find it helpful.

A brief to what is Coenzyme q10, Collagen and Hydraulic acid

Now i am just a user of the product but after sometime i found out what is the most effective and efficient method to have the effect of the product, This is just a rough layout, only if people are interested i will do it for each skin type, product, scar healing etc.

Please note all these will be base more on my understanding of product after reading on article and testing the product which i felt the easiest way to convey the message.

Coenzyme q10 on skin (Coq10)
Coq10 is similar to vitamin as it found in every cell inside the body, as it is being use to produce the energy needed for cell growth and maintenance. It also have antioxidant effect which protect the body from harm. This is more common use for on our major organ and such, to keep them on a healthy level but we not here on that but about skin so let move on.

So is Coq10 important?
As we grow older the amount of Coq10 in our body decrease so it mean we unable to keep up to our skin demand which is when people start rely heavy on miracle water, BB cream, make up and such. It is to say it work on the skin on wrinkles, anti aging which make your look more youthful.

So application or ingestion?
I would go with ingestion for many reason as such, unless you have a face that age really badly now and cannot wait, i suggest to have it taken orally. Simple as the effect will work all around the body instead, having Coq10 on your face is more on a temporary solution that will never go away due to the lack in the body. Not only it will benefit your skin but your body as an overall as well, that my take on it. Beside, i recall Coq10 cream need to be kept in care or it will not be effective if not store properly.

Collagen on skin 
Okay, every one heard about this wonderful thing call collagen right? so how much you all know about it? Like how many types are there, and which are they extracted from, and the type of molecules etc.

Collagen is a protein in all the body's organs and tissue that it main function is to sustain the skin, tendons and cartilage (yes cartilages). This is naturally occurs in our body and collagen is widely use for skin care even though many just take it without knowing the content or what the purpose.

There so many type, so which one? Ingestion or application)
Currently i taking marine type collagen peptide orally for a very good reason. Most collagen are unable to absorb thru out skin as the molecules are too large or them to be absorb, so even by chance that they do, most of them are lost. By having them in a diet will increase the amount of absorbing in your body (to be taken with empty stomach) and with small amount of vitamin C, it will greatly enhance the effectiveness.

There are so call plant, marine and pig collagen, so be aware what kind you taking and the type, as some are classify collagen but doesn't work that well in the body. So do some research on the product you using as it might be wrong for you.

So why do i need it?
For starter, it does help to promote some scar healing as it aid in healing tissue, also it help on the joint lubricant which is why i took the marine type peptide (not revealing brand here), As well it will be more lasting if you have taken in orally then  application as it does increase the overall level in your body. But remember, vitamin C is important for the collagen and take it on a empty stomach with plenty of water(300ml at least).

Hydraulic acid on skin
Hydraulic acid is naturally occurring in our body that provide moisture, firmness and plumpness (you know the baby bouncy cheek ^^)

This however will be lose as we grow older which is why our face start to "dry up", having lacking this will make one face appear duller, older and facial scar more visible.

So using serum or mask that have hydraulic acid in them will help you to regain the skin you lost or wish to maintain.

So why not ingestion?
Well if you are aiming for facial care, it be more effective to applied directly on the face whereby the one you digest is later split into the human body as it work on all skin surface and joints (as it claim to lubricant them)

So why i need it?
Well it does improve hydrating of skin, increase elasticity and also might protect on from UV damage (ahhhh the sun it so... oh warm). Also it doesn't matter on your skin type as it work for all. This mean no need testing of skin condition on which is the most suited as it work for all.

And to top it off the effect of it, take in some collagen together to gain a better effect.

So this is my very brief outtake of it, if anyone felt something is missing, do comment and i will improve it when i got the time, in the meantime a happy 2016 to everyone.

Cz, signing off

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A music to start of any things, well if the lyric don't get you, the rythm might. 

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Colouring book and scratch book, so many but I only got 2 hands. Gonna choose which one I like best then hmm.

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Did a simple double knit scarf, length is about 1.6m and I use the model for photo. Would look great on clothing with solid colour. What do you all think?
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Day 4 - Feeling sore but still going at it, I ❤️ this ☺️☺️☺️
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