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Nishant Khanal
simple boy ! m scared from complications of life
simple boy ! m scared from complications of life

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Book Summary : An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire.
Arundhati Roy’s ‘an ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire’
(collection of her 14 essays or speeches she delivered in 2003-2004) became the
first book, I finished in 2016. Thank you Ujjwal Acharya Dai for the gift. As
Promised to Ujjwal dai here’s my summary of ...

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“So you believe in it, don’t you? This whole stupid idea of romance, flowers and candlelight dinners and even the ridiculous ‘happily-ever-afters’, you have an unflinching faith in it, admit it! Damn! How did I ever miss it when I looked into your eyes for ...

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At 6 am
At 6 am to be here in the lake watching light sketch upon the pitch-dark with its finest pastels is to know how a sea of love gently swells against the containing wall of the ribs that tells heart from bone At 6 am before the mind cribs 'mean and routine', ...

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10 Favorite Books of mine
These days people in Facebook are sharing their favourite books and nominating
their friends to do the same. Here I made a list of my 10 favourite books I have read till.Every book I read have their own importance in my  life.following are the books which I...

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Monsoon Musings
Monsoon mornings can be extremely enchanting.
The orchestra is in place to awaken your senses with nature’s best-played
symphony. The wind tangos with the chimes on the front door. Raindrops make a
string of near perfect pearls that decorates your bedroom w...

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People and Nature around Ghandrung..!!
Travelling and photography has been my passion since
long. when my colleagues planned the trek to Ghandruk I was the Happiest one
because ,I  have been hearing about this
trek route and Ghandruk village since my childhood day and I always wanted to
be there...

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राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेप : कहिले सम्म ??
त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय चिकित्साशास्त्र अध्ययन संस्थानमा प्रा. डा. गोविन्द के. सी. हप्ता दिन देखि आमरण अनसनमा हुनुहुन्छ । चिकित्साशास्त्र अध्ययन संस्थानमा पटक पटक देखिने बेथिती,मुख्य गरेर समय समय हुने अनावश्यक राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेपको बिरुद्ध उहाको यो तेश्रो अनश...

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युवाको भोगाई : चेजिङ रेन्बोज
काठमाडौँ लाखौ मान्छे करोडौ सपनाको पोको लिएर
बाँचेको शहर । सबका आफ्ना आफ्नै सपना छन अनि सपना पुरा गर्ने
एकल दौड,यहाँ सब बिस्तारै बिस्तारै आफ्नो सपनको पोको सके सम्म धेरै खोल्न चाहन्छन । र, यहि क्रम मा
आफ्नै देखि टाढा हुन्छन संगै रहेर । त्यसैले त
काठमाडौँलाइ आ...
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