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Kelly Baldino
reviewed a month ago
I used UCSD Midwife services for my 2nd pregnancy and was extremely unhappy with the group. Every appointment I waited over an hour to see a midwife. Once I finally was seen I always felt very rushed in my appointments because they were always VERY behind schedule. The midwives never knew me or my medical history. Throughout the whole 9 months I had to explain to the midwifes over and over again who I was and my medical history. It was very impersonal and toward the end of my pregnancy this worried me very much. I would not recommend this practice to anyone I know. I would never go through them again. When I called to schedule my 6wk postpartum appointment I was told I could be seen in July (1.5 months from when I called for appointment).
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Robert Coppelman
reviewed 9 months ago
The professional personnel I have met have all been without question first-rate. Unfortunately, if one needs help because of being injured or sick,getting to see a doctor seems to be a major undertaking.I fell on August 5, breaking my left fibula. I went to the La Jolla ER on Aug. 8 because of great pain and inability to walk. Xray and C-Scan revealed the fracture. I was sent home, with the written instructions telling me that someone would be calling me "within 3 days" to refer me to orthopedics. This is where my problems began. The call never came, I called orthopedics the 4th day and was told someone would "call you back today to give you an app't." The call never came. I repeated this the next day, with again no call back. I then emailed the dept. and received an email back telling me to make an app't. I called them last Friday, the 13, was told I would get a call-back to get an app't for the 16th, Monday. Again, no call back. Thus, I have had 4 no call-backs, still have an aching knee, and am completely disgusted withn their set-up, despite their bragging about their "incredible system."
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Randy Jones
reviewed 2 months ago
The doctors are good, but the office is woefully understaffed. They are constantly making mistakes with prescriptions and insurance forms. It is impossible to speak to anybody, all calls go to a call center that only sends notes to a nurse who usually doesn't respond.
Diane Getgen
reviewed 9 months ago
I broke my wrist in January and went to the ER at a Hospital by my home. After sitting in the ER in pain for over 4 hrs, finally given a pain pill, then having to wait to get a X-ray and the having to wait in the lobby for another 4 hrs to be told they did not have a Orthopedic Doctor on Duty and that they sent the Xrays to him at home and he wanted them to splint me and have me see him in his office the next day. That in itself was a bad experience but did not get better. I went to my appointment was early and still waited over 2 hours to be seen. To have the Doctor walk in say "Your too swollen, come back next week and we will set it, and discuss surgery that from the Xrays, you need or you will never has full use of your hand". Then left the room. I went the following week to be told "We are going to go ahead and cast you". I asked if he was going to set it and he said "No, it's too late now". So I told him what he said the week prior, he said "so your going to do the surgery?" I then said I guess I do not have a choice since I am right handed. The communication never got better, the fracture nor surgery was ever explained to me. I just knew I broke my arm. I finally got mad since he was not listening to me after the surgery when I tried to complain about pain, and told him I quit and walked out. I then started seeing a hand specialist who on my first appointment took the time to explain the fracture I had. (found out it was my wrist not arm) and the surgery I had. He explained that in his opinion that I would have needed to have the surgery. I have been seeing him and he has listened to my all along the way. I have continued to complain about the pain, and he sent me for a MRI and found that the Xrays along the way did not show, but I have a nonunion fracture. He got me started on a bone stimulator and my last appointment said that on next appointment if still having pain he would send me for another MRI. If that comes back that I still have a nonunion then we would have to discuss a bone graft from my hip. I told him that I wanted to get a opinion from another hand specialist not affiliated with the group that him and the original Doctor have affiliation. He said that was fine and "had no problem with me doing so". Saw a hand specialist at UCSD and he said he felt the best chance I have to get the bone to heal is to have a bone graft from my hip. So I have 2 hand specialist saying the same thing. I just did not want to feel like I did after the first Doctor that I was forced into having surgery. The UCSD Doctor was very good, answered my questions and listened. While I liked him as well, I will stick with the Hand Specialist that I have be seeing. Since we already have a good communication and I know he has 24 years experience as a hand specialist. But I have nothing bad to say about UCSD. I have seen other physicians (Burn Unit, High Risk OBGYN and Pediatrics for my children) While there have been some I liked better than others, I think all have shown a high level of care.
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Anna Stevens
reviewed 3 months ago
Please think twice before you enter this facility. They ridiculously overcharge you. I had to pay over $600 for one office visit after insurance benefits. Please do your research before you go into this building. Another drawback- I was seen by an intern, not the doctor I made an appointment.
Mike W
reviewed 9 months ago
A bunch of health idiots. I offered those that I spoke to, on my time on the phone: that I offer to be client of them, concerning my disability. I do this as I study a certain portion of my disability. ALL AT NO COST, to UCSD-Hillcrest; rather to the benefit to the benefit of them. As hospitals always are looking for ways to get anything for nothing. Add that I have been a past e.r. client of them. But the result be of UCSD-Hillcrest be at no interest. The above also goes for UCSD Neurologic dept.
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