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Repairs, why always repairs?
Is it just our boat that is constantly in need of repairs?  When I was a land dweller, I can't remember EVER, in 35 years of paying rent and mortgages, waking up one morning and not having water coming from the faucet.  But that happened the other day here ...

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Does it get any better than food in Mexico?
Time sure does fly when you aren't drifting aimlessly offshore.  It's been 2+ weeks since we "arrived" here in Huatulco, and our joy at being here has not diminished one bit since we first kissed the dock.  We are very grateful for: Chips and Salsa - what i...

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The end of the adventure....
So I'll pick up where I left off several weeks ago.  The day after the last post, Day 8, was frightful.  With sustained 35-40 knot winds, I came up from a break at 4am to hear Ron screaming at me to get him a knife.  The stainless steel radar mount had shea...

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See Spot Run, See Heather Come Unhinged
When you travel, you realize that not everyone thinks the
same way that you do (frankly, I hardly feel like anyone thinks the way that I
do, but that’s for another introspective posting).   There are regional, municipal and certainly
country-wide difference...

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Thar she blows (volcanoes, not whales)
A few days ago, we hiked another two volcanos to add to our growing list of peaks bagged.  Izalco in El Salvador with my sister, Pacaya in Guatemala with my entire family, (we think there have been one or two more but I've only had one cup of coffee so far ...

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Mantas, and turtles, and penguins....oh, my!
We've been very busy these last few days.  With our buddy Ron on Mar de Luz, we continue to check off the "must-dos" here on Isabela.  We have had to break into the piggy bank tho, something we aren't really happy about due to the bank situation here.  But ...

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Life has yet again, settled into a nice routine.  Ron and I, after living on a boat for 4+ years, seem to need a day of rest in between our bouts of activities.  I guess that's why it's taken us so long to get here - just recently I read a blog talking abou...

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We're on the move again.  Decision has been made.....Thursday we will drop our lines from the mooring ball, and head over to Isla Isabela, the second-most western island here in the Galapagos, and the largest one in the chain.  As far as where we can go, th...

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Snorkeling Highlight of our Lives (to date)
We think we've figured out how to stay here in the Galapagos, see what we need/want to see, and not break the bank.  Bolivar is the MAN!!!  We've now taken his advice on the second tour of the island, and this one was definitely worth the price of admission...

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Living in a natural zoo
The common perception, which is a MISperception, is that although you've paid the money to be here in the Galapagos, this is only the start of the bloodletting.  Many websites and blogs that we had read, informed us that if we wanted to see anything, not on...
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