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Shannon Lane

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Sure, I live in Tennessee now, but I grew up in sout’ Louisiana, down on t’bayou Manchac. So, in the spirit of where I grew up, Merry Christmas, folks! Enjoy:

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Shannon Lane

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Headed to Chicago in the morning for a week's worth of classes and testing.

Won't have much time to sightsee, I'm afraid, but if anyone's got good ideas for a beerhaus or a good steak, I can probably work it in.  If I can swing it, I'm headed to see Sue the (not very) Zombie Dinosaur before I return.

Why am I so nervous about a class?   Go figure.
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Not a steak, but if you can swing it, THE Pizzaria Uno on Ohio is worth a visit for the truly best deep dish pizza the home of deep dish pizza can offer.
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Shannon Lane

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There are times when Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation fame) just makes me fall out of my chair with the giggles.  I am of the opinion that this applies to all current genres of hardcore fantasy:

"So now you've got a look for your character, you need a personality. Now, coming up with characters is a skill that many have tried to explain, and often the only right answer seems to be that it depends on your personal approach to writing, but all those people just weren't trying hard enough. All you need to do is write every character like they were raised by bears during a rabies epidemic: constantly angry, prone to inflicting violence upon anything they don't understand, and immediately filled with contempt and distrust for every single person they encounter, lest they have their jaw knocked off by a single swipe of mighty ursine paws. You'll then find that the plot will come together fairly naturally. The vast majority of 'hardcore fantasy' plots could be resolved in five minutes if there were just two characters capable of sitting down and discussing the situation civilly."

.... HA!  You can see the rest of the article - though this really is the best part  - at:
Yahtzee takes on AAA games, particularly Lords of the Fallen, and how to send in the clones.
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So ... this is largely why I keep turning away from buying ANY new computer or console RPGs. Their role-playing variety is very narrow. I come away bored. For instance, there are LOTS of opportunity to discuss, debate and help in Morrowind. Get to Skyrim, and it's all, "Everything's bad. Everyone's mean. No one's right! Kill them all!"
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Shannon Lane

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Guys, if you know her, call, Facebook, g±, and/or text the ladyfaire? She needs a reminder that people appreciate her, especially today, on her bday. Send her some loves, if ya can!
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Shannon Lane

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If you are at all a science geek, you know how this ends.  THat said?  There really is something amazing about actually watching it happen.

Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber - Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview - BBC Two
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Shannon Lane

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Presented with only the comment:   Ladies, I wish I knew how to make things better.
Whenever I bring up the topic of street harassment with men, they tell me they just don’t see it. Literally: When they’re walking down the street with a woman, other men don’t make a noise. Enter Hollaback!, an anti-street harassment organization, which recently teamed up with the video marketing agency...
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There is.  The unedited video is available - and it gets steadily worse.
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Shannon Lane

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Zachary Weiner is raising funds for The Gentleman's Single-Use Monocle on Kickstarter! Introducing, the world's first Disposable Single-Use Unlubricated Monocle, for the On-the-Go Gentleman (or Lady).
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Shannon Lane

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....and I have officially passed my CISSP. look out, world. :)
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Shannon Lane

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So I'm in my final two weeks before I'm off to Chicago to sit for my CISSP (and hopefully pass).  Much to do: between paperwork at the office, a week of helpdesk duty, major packet transmission questions, and craziness 'round the house, and - of course - studying, I don't have a ton of extra time.

Even so, I've been itching to get back to writing potentially interesting things, as opposed to just occasionally pinging the world with random cat videos (and their equivalents) so, in the spirit of studying for a security-related test, I thought I'd offer up a few essays on personal security, security fallacies, and general advice.  

I hope you'll bear with the conceit - it'll help me study, if nothing else, as many of the high-order concepts are common regardless of venue. Without further ado, then - let's get started.

Security Broad Strokes

The idea of security is one that I have come to believe most people get terribly wrong.  You say security, and people immediately think of masked gunmen, bad neighborhoods, locked doors, and property theft.  The truth is that, while security includes all of these elements, it really is something that's both broader and deeper than our focus on crime implies.

In fact, in the US, crime isn't as prevalent as the media and our confirmation bias would have us believe.  Using one of my favorite articles, your chances of being the victim of a violent crime are:

- Are you male?  18.4 per thousand people (1.8%).  Female?  15.8 per thousand (1.5%).
- White?  1.5%.   Black?  2.7%.  Hispanic?  1.8%.

Property crime tends to be linked to income - lower income households experience property crime at higher rates than higher income households - the lowest bracket experiencing property crime at a rate 1.6x higher than the $75,000+ annual income bracket.

Really, though, your statistical likelihood of being the victim of a crime is directly related to what you do, in general, with all of the various risk factors being additive.  Male, 24, living in apartment, going clubbing the bad part of town every night... far more likely to have an incident than a Female, 24, living in an apartment, avoiding high-crime areas.   

Logical, right?

The important thing to know, though, is that, in the aggregate, the best data I can find suggests that only about 4% of the population will directly experience a significant property or violent crime (your odds are about 1 in 20).  

What about nonviolent crime?

The largest growing segment of criminal activity in the US is Identity Theft and fraud, with nine million people affected in 2010, and that number going up (roughly 3% of the population each year!).  In the aggregate,  the odds of having your identity stolen - before this year's high-profile breaches - are about 200 to 1.

Let's put these numbers in context: 

The odds of dating a millionaire are about 1 in 220.
Getting in a car wreck on a 1,000 mile trip?  1 in 366.
Odds you'll get in a car wreck?  er... it's actually one wreck per seventeen years you're actively driving.  So, if you live to the age of 70, you'll have 4.1 wrecks.

That 1 in 20 chance that, in your lifetime, you'll be the victim of a violent crime?  That really puts the overall odds at about 1 in 550,000 that today will be the day (assuming you live to be 75).

That doesn't mean you should, of course, discount security - but it's important to recognize that the things we're protecting ourselves from aren't common, nor are they immediately likely.  In the end, Security is about risk management, and that's a vital thing to remember as we discuss the topic moving forward.

I want to say, before I bring up the next example, that I'm a gun owner, and support people's rights to own guns responsibly.  We good?  Good.

One of the greatest examples of bad personal security is a gun.  In fact, if you're buying a gun to protect yourself - specifically, the reason you purchased that gun was because you feel safer carrying it, you're almost certainly barking up the wrong tree.

For every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, you'll have 4 accidents involving guns around the home.  (one third of 8 to 12 year old boys who find a handgun pull the trigger.)   In 2011, 10 times MORE people were shot and killed in arguments than by civilians trying to stop a crime.  Your odds of being shot are 4.5 times greater if you are carrying a gun when you are the victim of an assault.  Your odds of dying in that assault are 4.2 times greater.  

Buy a gun, get a concealed carry, and be worse off - that's not a very good investment in personal security.

Good security is about being safer than you are, about the habits you pursue, the choices you make, and the technology you implement, from the low-tech (door locks) to the high (phone encryption).  It's about ideas more than things - about the policies you set for yourself, and the actions you take to enforce them.  Good security practice makes it harder to make bad decisions while not overly interfering in your life.. while bad security does one or the other very poorly.

That's what we'll look at, then - what's worth doing, how effective is it, and what's realistically necessary to both stay safe and have enough room to have fun.

Here's hoping it's worth something.
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Shannon Lane

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My little girl, telling us where we're going tonight:

We're going to see Blue Man Groot!

... Blue man grue!

Groo man bloot?
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Blue Man Groot and Blue Man Grue both sound awesome, but the second may eat you.  
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Shannon Lane

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.... with that in mind:

THank you, +Lee Hammock , +Louis Puster , +Matthew Curvin , +Veaya Stembridge, +Mike Flynn , +J. Michael Rollins , +Jennifer Hartshorn .

That is long overdue.
We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.
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This is amazingly awesome, and I'm full of joy that you named me here :)
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Thinking Monkey!
Howdy, 'net!

I'm a Louisiana boy who moved north, an avid gamer, technologist, dreamer, and optimist.  I'm married, only mildly crazy, and the kind of craftsperson that loves making things but can't honestly said to be really all that good at it.

I'm on an eternal quest for meaning, I'm an atheist, a diver, and currently so oddly joyful I find myself insufferable.

Will that do?
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