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The real significance of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is that we now have the motion-capture technology to replace not just animal actors, but human ones.

An aging actress, for example, could motion-capture herself onto a CGI version of her younger self, thus providing both her "true" acting and character with an idealized physique.

A studio could contract a star AND his "likeness" for sequels, and then fire the star and use another actor to motion-capture act the star's CGI self. Or the star could provide the voice only and eat cheeseburgers in his trailer while the stand-in did the "acting."

Dead actors could be brought back to life. The dream of casting "a young Marlon Brando" or a "1947 Ingrid Bergman" could actually happen in new movies.

And if the technology ever gets cheap enough for porn...yikes.

(And to think that in 1997 Sun Microsystems chose NOT to buy Apple.)

Apple Briefly Becomes the World’s Most Valuable Company

Around 1:22 p.m. ET, Apple was trading at north of $367 per share, giving the company a valuation of more than $341 billion, briefly surpassing what Exxon Mobil was worth at that time. The valuations of the two companies have since been crossing back and forth in a volatile day on Wall Street.

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Why your sysadmin is wrong to make you put numbers and symbols into your office network password:

Petty Complaint of the Day: I hate how the optical mouse for my netbook won't work on a glass table. It's like walking on ice.

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I suppose you could defeat this program by occasionally Tweeting a decoy full of words that the other gender uses: "husband boyfriend shopping handbag PMS hair feel feeling cute puppies sarah jessica parker greys anatomy oprah south beach diet haha exfoliant closure empowerment apertif." There. Take that, algorithm!

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Nothing fires up my scahenfreude like watching Hollywood studios drive off cliffs.

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Just to make sure that the chat on G+ doesn't get too deep or philosophical, I'd like to say that Season 4 of True Blood is pretty great so far.

Apple has more cash than the US government and is worth more than the world's largest financial institutions.

Apple should just open the iBank, let us deposit all our money, and deduct our hardware purchases and apps automatically. When iBank forecloses on our houses, we would have the option of an escape clause: you can keep your house, in exchange for letting iBank implant a loyalty chip in your brain.

Watch the famous "1984" commercial again: Apple is now the giant face on the screen, not the runner with the hammer.

...wait for it...

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I'm adding "Synecdoche, New York" to my list of Movies I Cannot Explain But Loved Anyway, where it will take up residence alongside "Punch-Drunk Love" and "Mulholland Drive."
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