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From Food Festivals to Carnivals, Here are Our Event Production Company Specialties!

At first glance, event production companies can all look the same, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. With the success or failure of your festivities dependent upon the key ingredients your chosen event production company will bring to the table, you’ll want to choose a provider that does more than help you load table and chair rentals into the back of your pickup. You need an event production company with an array of services, specialties, and expertise.
What do the best event production companies offer?
• Top-of-the-line equipment.
Protect the ambiance of your event and the guest safety by opting for an event production company with like-new, top-quality equipment, and the inventory to cover all your needs from soup to nuts…
o Party tent rentals
o Table and chair rentals in Pittsburgh
o Draperies and linen rentals in Pittsburgh
o Staging and flooring
o Audio/video and lighting
o Flooring and fencing
o Food service equipment
o Heating and air
o Bleachers and sky boxes
• Audio, video and lighting.
Dedication to the highest standards in image and sound quality, with the internal expertise to help you identify necessary equipment for your event – and help you learn how to fully utilize it to its fullest potential.
• Technical support and troubleshooting.
From table and stage layouts that fit under party tent rentals in Pittsburgh, to wiring and sound issues, the best event production companies should have the expertise and the willingness to help you ensure the success of your event.
• A broad array of expertise.
In venues in a variety of settings, ranging from concerts, fundraisers and festivals to corporate events and trades shows, as well as more intimate family endeavors.
• A personalized approach.
From organizational aid to item selection, delivery, set up and tear down.  
Looking for a well-equipped, experienced event production company?
J.V. Chujko has you covered, with all these services and more, backed by over 65 years of industry experience. Don’t fall victim to fly-by-night, low-quality event production companies – contact us today!

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Sound and stage lighting rentals bring local productions to life!

Performers lost in a sea of on-stage shadows? Audience straining to hear distorted, tinny vocals over the crowd? The right sound and stage lighting rentals are essential to bringing your event to life…. But how do you know what you need?
“Who you lookin’ at?” - Lighting
All local productions should have essential lighting production equipment as part of their game plan. The right lighting does more than offer a clearer picture for spectators, it sets the mood, can be used to indicate emotions in stage performances or portray events like sun and rainstorms, and even enhance music through sound synchronization.
“Say what?!” - Sound rentals
Patrons who don’t have a clue what’s going on due to poor sound quality are going to lose interest pretty quickly. Clear speakers in the right type and size, with the appropriate range and paired with the right sound amplification equipment, speaker processors, and other strategic and technological sound elements must be considered to ensure sound success.
“How on earth!” – Selecting the right equipment
Experienced event rental companies can lead you on the path to success, providing essential information and helping you work out your specific sound and stage lighting rentals necessities. Experienced event production companies can aid you in everything from selection and setup to consultation and mixing, tech-support, and tear-down.
Lost in the sauce when it comes to sound and stage lighting rentals? The special event services professionals at JV Chujko can help you wade your way through. Contact us today.

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Event rental companies help make your corporate event a hit!

For the uninitiated, event planning can be challenging to say the least. Luckily there are an array of experienced event rental companies to help light the way, providing experience and guidance to help ensure amazing corporate event results.
Turning your vision into reality with the right rental equipment
When it comes to planning your event, it’s the little details that make all the difference, from simple table and chair rentals in Pittsburgh to projector, sound stage and lighting rentals. Without these event essentials, your big day could fall flat - or you can transform it into a venue talked about for years to come with the help of one of the few experienced event production companies who are capable of handling every event detail from rental selection and site design to setup and tear down.
Never risk the outcome of your corporate event
Deliver a flawless event with the help of experienced event rental companies who offer an attention to detail and customer service excellence that are second to none, choosing one that has the capability and experience to produce and protect your entire event from high quality rental equipment to functional expertise, technical support and troubleshooting.
There’s no substitute for experience
Whether you’re hosting a small, casual function or a large, formal affair, top notch event rental companies ensure success. Don’t settle for less, experience the difference 68 year veteran JV Chujko Inc. can make for your next corporate event. Contact us today.

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How to choose the perfect linens for your wedding day

Looking for linen rentals in Pittsburgh for your upcoming nuptials, but don’t know where to start? Planning a wedding can be stressful. Luckily the professional party and event professionals at JV Chujko have you covered, with the tips you need to ensure picture perfect results.
Selecting the perfect table linens is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Don’t stall.
To avoid letting the wrong linens negatively impact your reception, begin planning well in advance of your big date to ensure against the disappointment of last minute compromises due to out-of-stock items.
2. Consider your tent and table style.
When you’re talking about linen rentals in Pittsburgh, it’s essential to consider the feel of the setting you’re trying to create. Lighting, floral arrangements, the style and shape of your tent rental, as well as table and chair rentals in Pittsburg can each affect your end look dramatically. From small, intimate gatherings such as round tables and high peak tents to larger functions boasting buffet-style fare and pole tents, setting and feel are key to determining fabric amounts and colors.
3. Prioritize color choices.
Those not in-the-know on the latest in trendy color schemes should look to seasonal and classic choices to avoid getting lost in a stormy sea of color confusion….
o Summer
Bright colors incorporated together or balanced with neutrals offer the perfect accompaniment to the heat and energy of summer.
o Spring
Pastels reflect the freshness of the spring season - and the start of your new life together.
o Fall
Classic golds, burnt oranges and browns and deep burgundy shades play off nature’s beauty this time of year.
o Winter
Classic winter colors such as midnight blue and black, or cranberry red and forest green are surefire combinations that will stand the test of time.
o Classics
Blush, taupe, white, and ivory are never out of style, nor do the rich feel of metallics such as silver, platinum, gold, and copper, which lend a classic, decorative edge year-round.
Looking for those stunning, one-of-a-kind results you’ve only seen in magazines? Run-of-the-mill event rental companies may leave you falling short. You need surety only experience can bring to the table. End your stress over linen rentals in Pittsburg - take advantage of JV Chujko’s over 50 years of special event services experience. Contact us today.

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Thinking about Hiring A Party Rental Company in Pittsburgh?

For some, party planning is no big deal, for others, it can be very overwhelming and a source of great stress. If you are in the throes of planning a big event, fear not. If you plan ahead, and take the necessary steps, you can minimize those things that can throw your special day off track. The key to any special event or occasion is going to be whom you choose to hire for your party rentals in Pittsburgh.

The biggest mistake that event planners make is to pick a date, send out the invites, and think that the party rental supplier is just an afterthought. If you intend to use linen rentals in Pittsburgh, table and chair rentals in Pittsburgh, or party tent rentals Pittsburgh companies, they are going to be the first service provider you are going to want to contact. When event planners put hiring a party rental company low on the list, what they find is that when it comes time, their options are limited, and the good companies are already booked.

Waiting too long to hire event rental companies is mistake number one

The right time to book a party rental company is immediately after you have set a date. Realistically, you should set more than one, choose your party rental service according to when they are available, and then send out the invites. They really are that integral to the success of your party.

Using a search engine ranking as the only factor to choosing an event rental company is mistake number two

The second mistake that event planners make is to Google “Party Rentals Pittsburgh” and then just go down the list from top to bottom. It is important to find a company not because it is the first on the list, but because they have the experience and professionalism to handle the specific type of event that you are having.

Just because a company is number one on an engine search, that doesn’t mean that they are going to have the quality or the type of rentals that you need. The company you use for your table and chair rentals for a wedding will be very different from the quality needed for a barbecue or your child’s first birthday party.

The success of your event is going to depend on the Party rentals Pittsburgh company that you choose to take care of the fine details. Find one that has the expertise to handle whatever type of event you are having. To do so, make the choice of party rental equipment companies one of the first steps on your “to-do” list. Hiring a company with a proven track record like J.V. Chujko will ensure that your special occasion goes flawlessly. Contact us today to see how we can meet your specific rental needs.

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The Key To Making Guests Happy - Party Tent Rentals For Weddings, Birthdays And Special Events

Most people think that the worst thing that could happen on your special day, be it your child’s first birthday, your wedding, or any special occasion, is for it to rain. Take notice the next event you go to. What you will find is that what makes the party amazing, is how it seemingly operates flawlessly. Even if there are kinks in the road like rain, having an excellent party tent rentals Pittsburgh company ready and waiting, will make guests think of how much fun they're having rather than the weather around them.

It’s all about the ambiance

Nothing kills the mood of a party more than the event organizer running around stressed and not having a good time. If you want to make your special event that much more special, you have to enjoy it yourself. It isn’t just about the wedding accent lighting rental or event rental companies you hire; it is about your comfortability and ability to let it role knowing that someone is in charge to deal with any crisis that arises. If you can trust the rental company you hire to handle things, you can be in the moment before the special moment is gone, and all you have are pictures to remember it.

Planning ahead means nothing without the right event rental companies

At the helm of any party should be the event rental company that you hire. Once you have hired someone, you shouldn’t have to micromanage or worry about the fine details. If you have the right company servicing your event needs, then you can have faith that nothing can come between your special event and the fun you will have. That is why making sure you find a reputable company who has the knowledge, experience, and professionalism to anticipate anything that can happen, is so critical to your day being a success.

No one ever leaves a wedding talking about the linens or the chairs, what they remember most is how happy the couple looked and how much they enjoyed their special occasion. When choosing party tent rentals Pittsburgh companies, invest the time to ensure they know how to handle anything that gets thrown their way, so you don’t have to. Sit back, relax and let J.V. Chujko, Inc. take care of the details so you can focus on enjoying the party and engaging with your guests. Contact us today so we can start the planning process.

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Where to Find the Best Party Rentals in Pittsburgh

Looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your party rental needs? J.V. Chujko, Inc. is your premier source for party rentals in Pittsburgh. We offer linens, tables, chairs, party tents, audiovisual equipment, lighting, and more. Whether you're planning a small, intimate party or a large corporate event, we can provide the equipment and expertise needed to take your plans from conception to execution.

Table Top and Linen Rentals in Pittsburgh

Choose from a vast collection of fabrics, colours, and patterns for your table linens at your next event. We have everything you need to dress up your tables, including plates, cutlery, and glassware of various sizes and styles.

Table and Chair Rentals in Pittsburgh

We offer a wide selection of tables and chairs to suit any occasion, budget, or taste. Choose from an extensive line of banquet, conference, square, or round tables, and just about any type of chair you can imagine. We supply folding chairs, ballroom chairs, leather chairs, bar stools, bistro chairs, and more.

Party Tent Rentals in Pittsburgh

Maximize your event space and ensure your guests' comfort with party tents. Elegant and affordable, tents create a beautiful outdoor space for your guests to enjoy while dancing or mingling. We offer a variety of tent styles, including:
. Canopy tents
. Pole tents
. High-peak tents
. Stage roofs
. Structural tents
Party tents are available in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your event. J.V. Chujko special event services professional can help you determine the appropriate square footage for tent rentals in Pittsburgh.

Audiovisual Services

J.V. Chujko is Pittsburgh's trusted source for high-quality and affordable audiovisual equipment. Simply tell us what you need for your event, and our experts will deliver, set up, and test the equipment. Whether you need projectors, screens, teleconferencing equipment, or video production tools, our A/V specialists have you covered.


Enhance the atmosphere of your event with industrial, theatrical, or accent lighting. We also supply rigging equipment, chain hoists, motors, event generators, and power distribution. Our technicians will deliver, set up, and test your lighting before the event and dismantle everything when the event is over.

For the best party rentals in Pittsburgh, you'll need to look no further than J.V. Chujko. Our experts can supply the tools, equipment, and knowledge to make your vision for your event a reality. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your next event an unforgettable one.

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When planning a wedding, it’s easy for all the little things to turn into unknowns that can rapidly result in your special day getting out of hand. This is especially true when selecting tent rentals in Pittsburgh for your wedding. A little knowledge and expert assistance can prevent your time-honored event from turning into a circus.

Tent rentals in Pittsburgh can provide more than shelter
The tent you select for your wedding doesn’t have to look like an after-thought. With today’s tent technology, creative tent designers like the special events services professionals at JV Chujko, Inc. can create a setting suitable for your elegant event, crafting a beautiful tented ballroom complete with walkways, entryways, anterooms and rotundas perfect for housing every component of your wedding, such as:

Ceremony space
Reception area
Open-air cigar lounge with seating
Camouflage for portable restrooms
And more
Anything but plain
Enhance the look of your tent with unique piping and drapery, fabric, hanging chandeliers, flowers and foliage, string lighting, covered chairs, matching furniture, archways, staging, and more to create the perfect fairytale setting. Add a sub-floor of carpeting, sisal, or parquet to complete the look and offer an even surface for guests. Tackle weather worries and create a red-carpet ambiance with marquees entryways, then ensure comfort with heating and air conditioning.

The sky’s the limit
The framework of a tent offers higher ceilings that will allow you to easily create a feeling of grandeur within your tent space. Available in a variety of styles, you are certain to find one like you love, from dramatic high-peak tents to free standing frame tents. Some tents, such as structural tents, can even be made to look like a solid building, complete with inset windows and interior wall panels.

Overwhelmed with wedding details?
You don’t have to go it alone. The special event services experts at JV Chujko, Inc. offer an extensive array of tent rentals Pittsburgh, along with the knowledge and skills you need to keep your wedding from turning into a sideshow. We treat every event as if it’s our own, with a personal touch and attention to detail that’s second-to-none. Create the event of your dreams and ensure your happily ever after with the special event planning services at JV Chujko. Inc. Contact us today.
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