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Ho parents why oh why. I went for an x-ray today and the guy who attended to me told me his name was Richard. Nothing wrong with that name right?

Its wasn't until I was in car and knowing nothing about medicine other than how to put a bandaid on ONCE I get the dam package open, I decided to read the report.

Blah blah blah it went on and then ended with:

Yours Sincerely

Richard Stench

Now I dont know if this is an Australian thing or an international thing but we shorten the name Richard down to Dick. Now Google describes Stench as:

a strong and very unpleasant smell.
"the stench of rotting fish"
synonyms: stink, bad smell, foul smell, reek, miasma, effluvium

So his parents have made him go through life with the name of Dick Stench. Errr WTF? Did they hate him at birth?

Think before you name mum and dad.

Fastway Couriers you suck. Why apply for a job as a delivery driver if your too lazy to walk an extra 5 feet to press a buzzer rather than put a "Sorry we missed you" card in a letterbox? You're not sorry you're lazy.

I work from home so I know when they're lying and when I could have been out and missed the driver.

Out of the orders I get sent with Fastway Couriers, I would get about 1 in 30 the first time. I have complained multiple times to manager after manager, all to them doing business as normal. If you do business like this YOU SUCK at it.

#fastwaycourierssuck #parcelconnectyousuck #changeyourcouriers

Sutherland Hospital would rather treat meth addicts or chronic habitual drug users than people who have been seeing a pain specialist for several; years because its easier to treat a fucked up drug addict rather than some one who had gone through the proper system of pain management.

Druggies get a free ride while those injured on the job get shafted. Fuck the politics.. i refuse to take illegal drugs and keep getting fucked up the arse by the NSW Government get all they want and desire despite needs.

And then they wonder why people are at the point of killing themselves.


Hi folks,

I know its been about 8 months since I last posted as I've not been turning much of late.

I've been waiting on some Burl and other large chunks of wood to dry out naturally (no more microwave fires for me lol!).

This long weekend I've been cleaning up the workshop and getting ideas ready. I'll be turning soon. Keep you posted.

Send me some pics of what you've been turning if you can.

Hi folks,

I'd like to make contact with ANY AND ALL patients of the South Cronulla Family Practice (Sydney Australia) who would be willing to start a class action or make a complaint against Dr Peter Ryan and his employer for malpractice or fraud.

I have recently been abused by Dr Ryan who made untrue, unfounded claims and defamatory statements against me in a 6 minute appointment only for him to tell the receptionist Jenny to charge me for 2 full one hour consultations. This is my mind is FRAUD and denigration.

He made statements recorded on my phone that were defamatory and slanderous. ANYONE interested in a class action against Dr Peter Ryan and his employer, Medical Clinics (Australia) please respond to this message.

This message will also be posted in local news papers.

A class action is just one way to stop Dr Peter Ryan and his employer from abusing patients and the Australian Medicare System and for you to see justice is done.


Folks I need some help ASAP. I have just purchased an Intel Edison/Arduino Kit and followed the instructions exactly. However when flashing the device it stopped at 25% on both Edison modules I have and now they are unresponsive.

Does anyone live within a reasonable driving distance of Sutherland NSW who may be able to help me? I am willing to pay for the help if needed.

#Intel Edison #Edison #Intel

Hi folks. Just a quick update to say I will be posting new pictures, videos and information soon.

I have taken some time off to relax and do some research on new wood turning techniques and ideas. Its all very exciting, so stay tuned.

Just a little spoiler - I have perfected the finish of a certain mighty/super/fast drying glue as a finish that will look like you've dipped your item in liquid glass in 15 minutes. I hope that glue reference didn't let the cat out of the bag.

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If your looking to get started learning programming and using micro-controllers then you cant go past Arduino. These mini boards are a great way to control projects such as LED lights, RFID locks, Signs etc.

The best place to buy them is from Core Electronics ( They have a fantastic starter kit that has everything you need to get going. The starter kit is located here:

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I found a nice peice of Western Australian Ringed Gidgee Burl in the bottom of my scrap wood bucket today and decided to see what it would look like as a clock. The clock insert is 38mm wide. Finished with Tung Oil and Citrus Turpentine mixed 50/50. I then applied a wipe on gloss poly.

I think this came up really nice. If only Burls were easier and cheaper to buy. 
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I've turned a number of Christmas presents for family and friends this year but to ensure they are all surprises I wont be placing pictures on here until approx 1 January 2016 (wow feels weird to type 2016).

There will be some new hollow forms, vases and bowls. The most interesting I feel will be the salad set which has 1 large bowl for the salad, 4 smaller individual serving bowls, and a set of salad servers.

Other new items will include Salt & Pepper Shakers, Confetti Oil Lamps, Vases, Lidded Boxes (some with screw threads) and Pendants.

I am turning in the mean time so please check back regularly to see updates.

I have been asked to do a video about sharpening turning tools and will be sourcing a video recorder in the new year. After looking at YouTube I can understand why there is such confusion with new turners as there are 10 different sharpening styles for each woodturning tool. All way to confusing. I remember when I was new to turning and my tools were blunt, I stopped turning for a short while afraid to sharpen the tools in fear of wrecking them.

Don't be frightened. Sharpening is easier than it looks if you take a logical approach with good information to work from. I will cover sharpening on the Sorby Proedge. Tormek Wet Grinder and a Slow Speed (1375 rpm) 8" Bench Grinder to cover the sharpening systems most of the turners I know either have or have access to.

If you would like to see any information on other subjects send me an email and I'll endeavour to accommodate.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2016.
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