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I love LA.
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Well, that tweet aged well.

Watching Back To the Future with the kids is a trip. When I saw it, it was a movie set in the present about a dude going 30 years back in time. For the kids, it's a movie set 30 years ago about a dude going to 60 years back. While the original was trying to showcase the 50s, the attention is now on the 80s. The corded landline phone! The horrible hairdos! Denim overload! It's even more pronounced because the movie has so much blatant product placement and desperately tries to shoe in "contemporary" products. And for me, it's interesting to see an early Zemeckis film again.

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Glorious. Although it's missing a few details: Real-life mom was a lot more energetic. And knocked over a book on the bed.

Let's see here. Better fuel economy standards will:

1. Save people money because they will pay less for gasoline.
2. Protect the environment because there will be fewer emissions per mile driven.
3. Reduce our dependence on domestic and foreign oil.

Trump is the worst thing that could have possibly happened to this country. Virtually everything he does is detrimental. If anything, people are going to gravitate to foreign-made cars because they will have better gas mileage.

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My daughter made a bucket list of things to do before she's a teen! It may look quaint to have little things like feeding the ducks on there... but those are the things that are fun. So you shouldn't forget to do them. Here's my challenge - make a bucket list of things to do in the next month (which could end up being your actual bucket list for all you know!). And get every item done. Go!

It's cool to talk about Flynn and Russia and all, but we shouldn't lose focus of the things that really matter to us. This is what our fantastic administration is planning:


- It's now legal again to dump toxic mining waste into waterways. (HJR 38).
- Wildlife protection is to be repealed (HJR 69).
- The EPA's climate protection program's proposed budget has been shrunk down to less than a typical McDonald's ad buy.
- The EPA itself is on the chopping block (HR 861). Well, with Pruitt in charge, it's essentially dead already.
- There's even a plan to prevent states from enacting tougher climate protection regulation (so much for states' rights).


- Nationwide school voucher system (HR 610, and then there is HR 899). This is good for religious institutions, bad for everybody else. The most recent research in Louisiana has shown again how terrible those schools perform. The bill also tries to cut cost at the expense of the children's health by eliminating school lunch dietary restrictions. Not to mention that it removes concessions for kids who need additional help - ESL students, special ed, etc.

Cosumer protection:

- The plan to require financial advisors to act in your best interest rather than their own will be scrapped.

- The Dodd-Frank act that is meant to protect consumers - i.e. you - and prevent another financial crisis - is on the chopping block.

And so much more.

If the Russia angle happens to be the thing that brings this abominable administration down, good. But don't lose track of all the awful things happening that will affect us negatively.

Some things should be privatized. I'm from a country where the telecom company had a monopoly for the longest time, and when competition was finally allowed in '95, it was a huge boon to everybody.

For-profit prisons don't fall in that category. Every entity has an agenda, and for these companies, the goal is to get as many people jailed as possible to maximize their profits. They've been lobbying for years for harsher sentences so they get to stuff their pockets.

In one day, the White House both announced that they might go after states that legalized weed and rescinded President Obama's plan to phase out for-profit prisons. The only beneficiaries of this are corporations running prisons.

Privatization is good when it creates competition and gives people a choice. In this case, it's simply greed and corruption, which is even more detestable because it is a direct contradiction to his talk about state rights.

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Anyone try the pix2pix clone yet? Somebody wrote a program using Google's TensorFlow system to generate pictures from your scribbles... like cats. Behold my evil furball. I should be an artist. Web version here:


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And today we're in Gary, Indiana, birthplace of both Michael Jackson and Charles Windle Greer IV, for the screening of our film Dreams My Master at the Bill Johnson Black Film Festival... which is being recognized by the state of Indiana in House Resolution 18.
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