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It's a wrap! Personal highlight - a long, continuous shot with the camera tiptoeing its path outside and inside a building around over 20 extras with careful choreography. Beautiful cinematography by +Kevin Perry, great production design by +Freddy P, and all the people on set coordinated by 1st AD +Robert Burdsall. My life is complete.
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This is still my favorite Android bug, dating back to 2013.

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Remember that part in Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy where Arthur learns the language of the birds because he wants to know what they're saying? Turns out, they're saying the most mundane shit, and it's annoying as hell. And he can't stop listening to it anymore because he understands the language now and has to hear this garbage all day long!

Sometimes I wonder if social media is similar. We now get to see a lot of details about acquaintances that used to be shrouded in mystery. Now we see what they're thinking, and oh my goodness is that really how they feel? Oh geez. In some cases, it would have been nicer not to know.

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I love LA.
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Well, that tweet aged well.

Watching Back To the Future with the kids is a trip. When I saw it, it was a movie set in the present about a dude going 30 years back in time. For the kids, it's a movie set 30 years ago about a dude going to 60 years back. While the original was trying to showcase the 50s, the attention is now on the 80s. The corded landline phone! The horrible hairdos! Denim overload! It's even more pronounced because the movie has so much blatant product placement and desperately tries to shoe in "contemporary" products. And for me, it's interesting to see an early Zemeckis film again.

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Glorious. Although it's missing a few details: Real-life mom was a lot more energetic. And knocked over a book on the bed.

Let's see here. Better fuel economy standards will:

1. Save people money because they will pay less for gasoline.
2. Protect the environment because there will be fewer emissions per mile driven.
3. Reduce our dependence on domestic and foreign oil.

Trump is the worst thing that could have possibly happened to this country. Virtually everything he does is detrimental. If anything, people are going to gravitate to foreign-made cars because they will have better gas mileage.
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