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what happened to the friends suggestions?

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NYTimes: "Standardize the right things to promote usability"

I can move from one email system to a better one, because the messages transfer seamlessly. I can upgrade to a better word processor because I can import/export the files. When will I be able to move from one EHR to a safer one, without excess cost and complexity? We need "practice data portability" to drive usability, safety and innovation.

At the ONC regional meeting in Philly, concerns about the challenges of interoperability and the problems of exchange when standards and technology do not meeting the needs of the providers, or HIEs.

I asked if anyone had ever participated in a standards development process or attended a meeting. Not a single hand went up.

Should we delegate that responsibility to the vendors and consultants for standards development? the results seem mixed so far. Lots of people (but not the patient or provider) benefit from complex, difficult to use standards, lack of "data portability", or simply the absence of standards.

How will SDOs know what providers or patients need if we can't figure out how to engage the very people who benefit from standards?

How do we get to patient-centered standards that provide value to clinicians?
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