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JJ Toner
Writer with (now 5) eBooks on kindle and lots of other eReaders
Writer with (now 5) eBooks on kindle and lots of other eReaders
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I've got a new website folks!! Please check it out, and as always, yours feedback would be appreciated.

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Before the outbreak
of   World War I, the British
Security Service consisted of two sections responsible, respectively, for home
and overseas operations. The home section became  known as Military Intelligence   Section 5 (or MI5). MI5’s main
functions were...

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Gone Fishin'
I admit it - I’ve been bone idle for a
whole month. Ever since I launched The Wings of the Eagle on January 8, I’ve
been on a really long lunch break, sitting around the house, reading, watching
TV, feeding the birds, playing patience on the computer, or fi...

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WW2 - British Intelligence SOE
If the German WW2
intelligence machinery was a complicated maze of competing agencies, British
Intelligence was every bit as bewildering. We’ve all heard of MI5 and MI6, but
Military Intelligence in the war years included the following: MI1- Code

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WW2 - The London Cage
Alexander Scotland was born in 1882 of
Scottish parents. He spent a lot of his early life as a retail trader in
southern Africa. As most of his customers were European residents of German South West
Africa (Now Namibia), Scotland became a fluent German spea...

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The Wings or the Eagle
My new WW2 spy thriller, The Wings of the Eagle, a sequel to The Black Orchestra,  launched today on Amazon kindle.  Find it here

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WW2 - Lidice
On September 27 1941 Reinhard Heydrich was appointed Deputy Reich Protector (effectively governor) of Bohemia and Moravia. On May 27, 1942, two members of the Czech partisans attacked Reinhard Heydrich as
he was driving to work in his car in Prague. Their g...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for the invite. I'm reading Soulkeepers, a (free) YA paranormal ebook by G. P. Ching. Here's a link to my own book The Black Orchestra, a WW2 Spy story with a difference.
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