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Hey, folks! This is something I would like to share with you all - it's the biggest Big Epic Game I've ever attempted (something I am known for), and it's for a great charitable cause.

I now have an official page for all the information.

There is also an official YouTube Live Stream channel set and ready to go for October 9th.
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Hey all,

So we started some fun at the Happy Jacks RPG forums and there is something important on the line. If you tweet ""OMG! @timsgeekery will wear a tutu in an upcoming @happyjacksrpg episode if this gets 3000 re-tweets!" the probie will have earned his wings.

Make it so.

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The Empire’s Reign Relaunch is officially on! Click here to support the Ninja Crusade!
Expand the world of the Ninja Crusade and delve into the Empire's Reign! Meet new character types and new tactics to use in the war.
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How I feel when I pull the bag of frozen berries out of my work freezer and break them apart with my fist.
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love that movie

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[After setting your car on fire] Listen, you car’s temperature has changed before… [Source: XKCD]
[After setting your car on fire] Listen, you car's temperature has changed before... [Source: XKCD]
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One of the many perks of running Savage Rifts is the ability to bring in other setting characters from Savage Worlds IPs into the Rifts universe and go-crazy-go-nuts. I realize the answer to this might just be "trappings", but how would you bring over characters from Sticks and Stones into the rifts setting? Or is this idea too out there to be fun?
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While I don't know about the mechanics of translating a Sticks & Stones character to Rifts, for an example of how to narratively deal with interactions between Sticks & Stones characters and non-cavefolk, I'd recommend reviewing the "Land of the REALLY Lost" Savage Tale (found on pg. 123 of the Sticks & Stones PDF).
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Oh man, I watched a few of the first episodes and almost threw up from laughing so hard.
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What a twist!
The Last Survivor

Art by Morgan Yon (
See the best Star Wars art of August 2016 here:

More Original Trilogy art:

More Rebel Alliance art:

More Galactic Empire art:

#StarWars   #Stormtrooper   #RebelAlliance  
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It's (a)live!
Deadlands: Good Intentions Kickstarter just launched!
The fourth Plot Point Campaign for Deadlands Reloaded features Dr. Darius Hellstromme and the City o' Gloom!
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Don't know if anyone saw the update, but some news has come up regarding the next ChupacabraCon! Check it out.
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I've decided: I'll be running Savage Flash Gordon :)
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Woohoo! Chupacabracon is moving closer to me!
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Yeah, it is. It's the same location but also happens to be a Windham hotel.
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