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"Rebuilding the American Dream, One Family at a Time"
"Rebuilding the American Dream, One Family at a Time"


ITIN program - Up to 90% Loan To Value!!!

1) Up to $600,000 loan amount
2) Qualify with ITIN number
3) With no credit scores: up to 75% with non-traditional tradelines

4) With traditional credit scores up to 90% LTV
5) Purchase/R&T Term Financing
5) Owner Occupied Only

Email your scenario to

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Want to give your home a new look?  Not all changes are made equal!  Some home improvements will increase the value of your home retaliative to your investment much more efficiently!

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Here is some good info on credit scoring and how to improve it:
• Request a free credit report every year to make sure there are no errors being reported.
• Open a free account with and periodically check it for updates, you can dispute with Transunion from this site directly.
• Re-open any closed accounts that were in good standing.
• Obtaining new credit 6 months prior to applying for a mortgage loan (secured cards, dept. store, credit cards and installment loans), buy something small and pay balance to $0 to active the account and report quicker to the credit bureaus.
• Adding borrower to someone's credit that has been opened for 2 yrs+ over $1000+ and $0 to 30% of the limit being used; once the new card comes you will have to make a purchase for it to show on your report in most cases; but pay the balance down under 30% 90 days prior to applying for a mortgage loan (authorized signer doesn’t get graded the same; must be a co-applicant).
• Paying off is best or paying down balances under 30% of the limit 90 days prior to applying for a mortgage loan.
• Paying off collections that are less than 1 yr old (Request for a pay and delete (with credit bureaus) settlement offer and then once paid get a letter of satisfaction and make sure it re-affirms it will be deleted) (accounts older than 1 yr will not help the score); NOTE: if you payoff an account older than 1 yr it will re-age the account and drop the score.
• Do not open any new accounts after you have applied for a new home; wait until you mortgage loan has recorded first.
• Do not close any accounts (you lose about 20 points for closing good standing account).
• Do not dispute any accounts unless they really were paid off and the creditor will show correct balance; if you do make sure the dispute status shows resolved before applying for a mortgage loan. Lenders will make you remove disputes and pull a new credit report showing no longer disputed.
• Disputes may not be left on report; they will have to be removed from all three bureaus. Disputed accounts over $1000 will have to be settled or a payment plan may be made as long as three payments are made to get a loan approval. (Make sure to request for a letter of satisfaction and have them update all three bureaus or we can request a rescore with our agency for $90 for each account and will have to pull a new report).
• Collections over $5000 must be settled (they usually accept as low as 25% of the balance) or in a payment plan with 3 payment made) (make sure to request for a letter of satisfaction and have them update all three bureaus).
• Depending on the lender; open collections may be calculated at 5% to figure monthly payment being used in debt ratio.
• Try to consolidate any student loans into one account so it doesn’t show over the initial limit.
We have lenders that will allow us to submit with the mid FICO score as-is and then re-pull a new credit report before e lock to use new score. Rescores will cost $35 for each tradeline and each bureau and take 3-5 business days to complete. We would need letters from the creditor on their letterhead showing the current balance, the full account number, your name and address and that the account is not in dispute and in good standing.

A new credit report will be pulled and will also be charged. It would be pro-active to check your credit before applying for new credit. Each year you are entitled to a free credit report. A “soft pull” will not affect your credit score. When applying for credit you lose 5 points only as long as you shop for the same type of credit within 14 days of the first initial pull. Keep in mind that a “soft pull” is graded differently than a “hard pull” and can be a variance of up to 50 points.

Remember the higher your score the better the rate will be and since a mortgage is the largest purchase that you make it will save you thousands of dollars.

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Renovation Loans

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Mexico Hit Again with Another BIG Eathquake

"Am I required to strap my water heater?" 

New and replacement water heaters are required by law to be anchored or strapped to resist falling during earthquakes. Home sellers must certify to buyers that water heaters are braced. The easiest way to brace a water heater is to install a pre-approved bracing system available at most hardware stores.  Make sure it has the Division of the State Architect's stamp of approval on the box before purchasing.
For information on how to strap water heaters with generic, build-it-yourself parts, go to
For specific legal requirements, contact the Division of the State Architect at   (916) 445-8100 or to request an email, pdf, or fax of its recommendations and generic bracing details.

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No Pre-Pay Penalty
$3,000,000 Loan Amounts

True Stated Income & Stated Income Verified Asset Loans are Available for:

• Low Rates
• Non Owner Occupied 1 - 4 Unit Properties
• Business Purpose Owner Occupied Loans
• Business Purpose Non Owner Occ. NO TRID Requirement
• Foreign National Loans
• Fix & Flip Purchases
• Cross Collateralization Loans
• Non-Warrantable Condo's
• Condotels

Program includes:

• No Pre-Payment Penalties
• 7/1 Arm - 30yr Amortized Payment

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