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eric mcdowell
Cupcakateer, Graphic Artist, and Automotive Enthusiast extraordinaire.
Cupcakateer, Graphic Artist, and Automotive Enthusiast extraordinaire.

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My new food blog! Chronicling my quest as I cook my way through my own menu, plan my restaurant start-up, and simultaneously analyze nutrition, health, agriculture, and government food regulations in America. Fun, right? :-)

Happy birthday, good sir! +Robert Beier

This past week I made a drastic career change... I went from a temp-to-hire making $31000/year packing shipments for an oil and gas company to selling Fords in Tomball. It was a slightly impulsive decision but I'm hoping it will work out for the best. I can't argue with the massive income potential though lol let's hope for the best. Training starts on Monday. 

Sony Xperia Z review

I bought my Sony xperia Z on tmobile a couple weeks ago and so far I'm pretty happy with it.

-Blazing fast
-super crisp screen
-Feels great in my hands
-I like the UI much better than Samsung's
-The waterproof design makes the outside of the phone super sleek and stealthy looking.
-Camera takes incredible pictures!

-Glass front and glass back makes it impossible to quickly orientate the phone in your hand in the dark. Especially since the power/unlock button is in the middle on the side of the phone.
-Glass scratches very easily.
-screen brightness is weak compared to my GS2. I can't see my screen in bright daylight but I guess that's the tradeoff for having full HD resolution.
-speaker is garbage. Listening to music without headphones is unpleasant.
-speaker location is awful. It's completely covered by the ball of my hand when I hold the phone comfortably. Not even a slight clue of what Sony's engineers were thinking on this one.

All in all I love the phone. I really wanted the Nexus 5 but I bought this one 5 days too early :-( but I'm happy with it nonetheless. I definitely need to buy a case so I can tell which side is the front and I need screen protectors.

#sony #xperiaz #phonereview #android

Went to a Unitarian Universalist church this morning to see what it was about. I definitely subscribe to their perspective of the world but it kinda reminded me of the camp from the movie Wanderlust.

In spite of that analogy I think the UU church is somewhere I'd go again. I love analyzing religious ideals with secular logic. In my opinion it strengthens the premise and purpose behind those values. I never liked the idea at religious churches that we are to obey the word of God for fear of hell. UU puts everything into a more logical, intelligent perspective for me.

#FUUNCO #UUChurch #unitarianuniversalism 

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I've seen this 100 times before and never thought anything of it but cultured pasteurized milk seems to be a product of futility.

#yogurt #pasteurized #milk 

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I can't tell you how much I've missed this view :-) soooo good to have my baby back!


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Motor swap successful :-)

I've missed my baby so much! Time to clean her up and put rubber to the road again. Also need to check that CEL but she runs purdy!

#motorswap #scion #sciontc #relief #2azfe 
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I used to like the smell of Burger King but now it reminds me of eating hot mayonnaise on wet lettuce.


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Not usually a fan of corporate beer but this stuff is amazing. And strong....for corporate beer.

#blackcrown #budweiser #shouldreallygetbacktoworkingonmycar 
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