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Tonight Eileen suggested we watch the movie Red Riding Hood (forget whether you think that's a good idea or not for the sake of the rest of this story).

Eileen had paid $2.99 to rent it from iTunes. We wanted to watch it on our TV so she went and launched iTunes on her Mac Pro and we turned on the first gen Apple TV to watch. Except Red Riding Hood was the one movie that did not show up on the list.

I tried making her account default for the Apple TV but it still wouldn't show up. The 'move' button in iTunes was greyed out. Turns out after a little searching that if you rent a movie from your iPad you can't watch it on the Apple TV.

She decided to just watch it on her Mac Pro in the Office and suggested I catch up on American Horror Story so we could start watching it together. I turned on the Roku and launched Hulu Plus. I had suspended my Hulu Plus account since I hadn't been using it, so I went online on the laptop and reactivated it.

Once I launched Hulu Plus on the Roku I searched for American Horror Story. It said Web only. So by paying for Hulu Plus I couldn't watch it. I immediately suspended my account again.

So then we started to talk about other options. We could hook up the media center, launch iTunes, move the rental to that computer and reauthorise. We could move Red Riding Hood on to my iPad (an iPad 2 that I could hook up to my TV) and change the authorization on that iPad temporarily. While all of this would work, none of it seemed worth it for this movie considering the time we had spent troubleshooting. So we gave up.

Eileen went to her Mac Pro in the Office and is watching the movie while I write this.

If we had built our entire system up around unauthorized torrents we could have downloaded the movie and had no rental period, and watched it on any device we anted at any time.

The industry is only making it hard for people to spend money on them. They are not 'fighting piracy'.

PS In the end I decided to play The Old Republic.

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And so aichallenge finished! Xathis won (but GreenTea was soooo close, last hours were exciting), he wrote a post mortem about his bot: And here are the general rankings:
I landed as 76th at the end. 3rd in Poland, 5th Pythonista. I hoped for better place (i was around 30th place just before finals started) but still I'm pretty happy I'm in top 100 ;)

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This is Tumblr of the year.

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Fuck you Google. I had to use Firefox because suddenly under Opera I can't do anything on Google+ anymore, and because under Chrome I can't configure proxy settings (Command line arguments? No, thanks).
Way to go, Google. I know you don't like Opera and you deliberately break things in your products so they stop working properly, but I'm not going to change browser because of that. I'm just going to quit using Google+. Too bad I'm no big person so my anger won't hurt you.

See ya.
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