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Geek, foodie, political junkie.
Geek, foodie, political junkie.

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C'mon, Sprint. Simultaneous calls and data is a baked in part of GSM (which LTE is a part of). Don't brag that you're barely getting around to fully implementing the standard on a single handset. You went to great pains to not mention that this feature will not work over CDMA.

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This is pretty embarrassing. +Julie Dole chose to drag up a bunch of endorsements from her 2011 run for SLCoGOP while she's running for her old boss' job. A bunch of those people chimed in to say "please stop making it look like we're endorsing you right now".
In the last two days, embattled Salt Lake County Deputy Recorder Julie Dole has been posting endorsements on her Facebook page from various elected officials and Republican Party officers. Well, sort of. All of them are from 2011 when she ran for Salt…

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I just saw an +AARP ad for help finding a job. The American Association of RETIRED people. 🤔

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Tech is a toxic monoculture: White, male, upper middle class, high levels of formal education, politically liberal, and living in urban areas. My own experience is that it is also virulently opposed to anything that challenges those norms. The memo may have gotten a lot wrong, but it did get something right: changing the color and gender of employees isn't enough to fix diversity issues.

"This person’s memo was not hate speech. Accordingly, it would set a terrible precedent if Google signaled to employees that expressing one’s thinking – even if it’s antiquated or idiosyncratic or offensive – is a fireable offense."

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I'd expect another large spike as electric cars take hold.

What do do when you've been banned.

I've seen a few instances now of players being banned and claiming zero knowledge of why. It's become often enough that I thought it might be useful to write up a guide on how to appeal and get reinstated.

First: Make sure you didn't do the things. No, I'm serious. ZERO spoofing. No buying gear or accounts. One account per agent, one agent per account. A lot of people who initially claim they were banned in error ("for no reason" is the exact phrasing) later admit that they were playing around in gray or straight out black areas. You may think that because you bought a cheap second handset from eBay and only used your second account on it with a different carrier and never on the same network as your main that you should be able to get away with it. Or that you could do The Thing just the one time and it'll be okay. Trust me, if regular players will notice (and we do), NIA sure will.

Second: Prepare a brief and concise appeal letter. Stick to stating facts of the ban (dates/times, places, etc). Don't lob accusations in an attempt to deflect because it will not help. If you were playing in some kind of gray area or using some kind of new hardware, provide those details as explicitly as possible. Lying, either outright or through omission, won't help your case. If you need it, reach out to your local community for help. For the love, don't go over like 2-3 short paragraphs tops. Ain't nobody got time for your TL;DR novel.

Third: Send your appeal letter to +Andrew Krug within a few days of being banned. He's a good dude, very even-handed, and is always willing to help out when automated systems fail. Nobody will ever replace +Joe Philley but dang if he isn't working doubletime to live up to that reputation.

Fourth: Wait. Now wait some more. And now? Yep, more waiting. These investigations take time and Krug is a busy dude. 6-8 weeks seems to be pretty typical. It may take longer.

Fifth: DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT WHILE WAITING. You'd think this would be common sense, and yet so many people do it. This will not help your case. I'm pretty sure it will hurt your case because if you do get your account reinstated you've just become a multi-accounter. Whoops. I know you miss the game while you're sidelined, but you'll miss it more if you end up getting banned for ToS violations and ostracized by local players.

Sixth: Don't send followup IMs/emails/carrier pigeons while you wait. Don't shame-post on social media either. It won't expedite anything and you'll eventually get a response for a well-written appeal. I know it's hard to do with NIA's history of appearing to put communications into /dev/null almost instantly. As Alton Brown says, your patience will be rewarded.

If you haven't done anything to warrant a ban and have followed these guidelines, you'll end up with your account back in working order. I know it seems like a unicorn, but I've seen it happen.

The process of appeals takes too long and is fairly cumbersome (it should be able to be handled via support tickets, not going directly to one specific guy, and be resolved in a few days), but NIA is kind of new to this whole "actually deal with people and solve their problems" thing, so maybe we could cut them a little slack while they figure it out and find ways to improve.

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Quite the sensational title here. The "hacks" are distributing fake hardware that looks convincing. That's a practice as old as time.

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Only three days left to get a great bundle of infosec books for super duper cheap.

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It's a small wonder the fragile credit card payment system still even works at all.
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