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Turing Tuesday
Share your ideas and links to news about computer science concepts every Tuesday using the tag #TuringTuesday
Share your ideas and links to news about computer science concepts every Tuesday using the tag #TuringTuesday

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Best doodle ever? functioning Turing machine puzzle. Happy 100th Birthday Alan Turing.

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Happy Turing Day everybody!

Today it's a hundred years since he was born. I can't help feeling that there is an interesting symmetry to him being born half the year away from Christmas (and consequently half a year away from Newtons birthday which might be a more relevant comparison), but maybe that is taking it a bit to far. 

Anyways,I will take some time today to consider what he did for us, how we repaid him and the implications of that. And to rejoice in the fact that he existed and that we might one day get another genius like that to fundamentally change how we interact with each other and the world.

And maybe this time we won't crucify him.

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"His genius and insight helped saved thousands of lives, but tragically he was unable to save himself" - "father of the internet" +vint cerf reflects on the life of the "father of computer science" Alan Turing.

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This is completely amazing.
How much could you do with just 4kB?
Yes kB not MB. That's less data than an empty word doc uses up or less than

Well this made a video that will blow your mind with just 4kB. That includes the infinitely complex fractal landscape, the rendering, the raytracers AND the music!

But you know, you could just play video games...

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Getting another #TuringTuesday started with what else? Quantum networks! Share you stories and news about Computer Science, Computing, Math in the modern world with the tag #TuringTuesday.
The future of computing depends on being able to perform basic communication like this over quantum links. It's also pretty cool in it's own right. Happy #TuringTuesday! Share your computer science stories and news!

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Missed resharing this one last #turingtuesday
It would help if other people than just +Niffe Hermansson and +Mark Crowley were posting.
The Turing Benchmark
+Turing Tuesday #TuringTuesday

Continuing along the same lines as last weeks TuringTuesday post this is an awesome memorial, almost good enough to make Turing justice. The placement right between the Manchester University and the Manchester Gay District is awesome. The sitting statue contemplatively holding an apple is beautifully executed. And the plaque at his feet reading "Father of computer science, mathematician, logician, wartime codebreaker, victim of prejudice" is a fantastic tribute.

However, it's sad that it's only an "Artists impression of an enigma message" on the bench, and here is why:
When I first read about this statue and saw that it contained a string encoded with Enigma, my head started spinning. Especially when I saw that they hadn't included the enigma model, or the Key. That would mean that if the string of characters was long enough the message could be decoded, but only as long as we retain the knowledge that Turing gave us. It would be a material benchmark for making sure that we at least haven't lost what he worked so hard to bestow on humanity.

But the fact that this memorial didn't contain that benchmark doesn't mean that we can't make it a reality. And I hope one day someone does.

(Just to be clear: there is no pun intended with the Benchmark-Markings on a Bench-thing. I just realized, in the act of posting, that it could be interpreted that way. If you did, it's on you!)

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Recommender systems like Netflix are some of the most complex algorithms people interact with every day. They take the preferences of thousands of other individuals and search to find other people with similar interests to you so they can suggest new movies you are most likely to pay for. The problem now is apparently they are very good at individuals but not at distinguishing different individuals within the same household...there's always room for improvement.

If you have a story that highlight the ubiquity and wonder of Computer Science in our daily lives share it today with the tag #TuringTuesday.
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