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40s playoffs have finally arrived
4.5+ over 40 - this will be an all Sunday affair.   Brookhaven/Bartlett plays Lifetime/Arcaria at
9:00am and the winner plays Oak Creek/Sweeney at noon.   And did I mention there is now a 100% chance
of rain on Sunday?   Good thing there
aren't a lot of mat...

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Seniors, still?
A bit of a yawner this time of year.   Nothing really going on except for 4.5 over
40s finishing up their flight play matches.   Oak Creek/Sweeney cruises 4-1 over TBar/Fikes with Fikes and
Pascal pulling out a third set tie breaker to keep from being swept...

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Quick seniors update
4.5+ over 40 - the tight race that was anticipated is holding true to form.  Six matches in with five remaining there is no team that is undefeated so far.  Oak Creek/Sweeney and Brookhaven/Harllee are the only one loss teams with OC holding a slight line l...

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Tri-level in the rear view mirror
Sorry I didn't get out a preview and I'm a little late on my post-view but I got called out of town on work for about nine days and was swamped.  Just got back so here we are.  I hate it when my day job gets in the way of tennis. What to say?  Dallas had an...

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And the beat goes on
40 – 4.5 – at this point it looks like hockey, lots of
matches but barely anyone eliminated.   A
full seven teams are all sitting with one loss.   All I can really say at this point is that Greenhill/Ohl and TBar/Fikes
are out of it.   Past that, everyone e...

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Halftime Break
So it's pretty slow.  The 40s/55s season is just getting started.  Tri-level sectionals is a full month away.  Hell, it was COLD on Saturday and windy on Sunday.  Not exactly my favorite tennis weather either way.  As much as people can take a dim view of n...

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Let's Play Some Old Guy Tennis
  Since there’s only one over 40 flight in 4.5, it looks like
the top three teams from the flight will make the playoffs with the format
being #2 versus #3 and the winner plays the top seed in the final. There are some tough teams in 4.5 this year.   From p...

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Odds and Ends Grab Bag
  Not   a whole lot going
on at the moment but we can take a look in the grab bag and see what’s of
interest.   Fort Worth tri-level ended yesterday.   Normally not a big deal, although the
national championship Sisk team did play out of FW last year.   Not...

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Presentation ceremony for the fall trophy winners. In the Red Flight of 4.5, Greenhill/Rossouw was the only
undefeated team taking out Canyon Creek/McHugh and TBar/ McColpin.   In the Blue Flight, Brookhaven/ Harllee also
went undefeated taking out SamGrand...

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Ratings, ratings go away, come again another day
If you play on television, you're a 7.0.  Past that you're just gonna have to wait. As many of you are aware, the Monday after Thanksgiving is a
very popular day for USTA year end ratings to come out.   While it isn’t always the case, it did seem
that the U...
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