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Pearl Whiite
Works at Volunteer Islamic Welfare & Humanitarian Affairs
Attends The Virtual School Masjid Al-Nabawi Haram of Al-Medina Al-Munawarah
Lives in Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Haram Al Madinah, Medina 42312, Saudi Arabia
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Be the #witness  that we conveyed the right message to you about "What was really happening to #Muslim #Sunni girls in #Iraqi Prisons all those years...." Here is the documentary proof. Listen with your own ears.
And right now, it has been happening in #Syrian prisons for years.
#WakeUpCall   #SexAssault   #Abuse   #Rape   #HumanRightsWatch   #IraqiPrison   #PrisonerAbuse  
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As I understood it this was happening to girls and women across Iraq regardless of weather they are Sunni, Shia or Christian. 
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A Must Read Book Included ____  #Imams  stopped mentioning  #AntiChrist  ,people forgot Him and He has appeared exactly at the right time Muhammad PBUH prophesied. Full and complete exposure since 2001  #AfghanistanWar  , confirmed

Raashid ibn Sa'd said, "When Astakhar (1) was conquered, a caller 
called out, 'The  #Dajjaal  has appeared!' Sa'b ibn Juthaamah met them 
and said, 'If you did not say that, I would not have told you that I heard  the Messenger  of Allah  #Muhammad    it say, 

"The Dajjaal will not appear until people forget about him, and 
until the Imams stop mentioning him on the Minbar (pulpit)."'" (2)

(1) Astakhar: a city in Persia, one of the oldest and most famous cities of Persia; it was 
the place where the Persian kings lived and had their storehouses. 

(2) Recorded by 'Abd-Allah ibn Ahmad from a report narrated from Baqiyyah from 
Safwaan ibn 'Amr. It is Saheeh as stated by Ibn Ma'een and Baqiyyah, Its men are 
Thiqaat (trustworthy). 

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لا إله إلا الله 
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The Light Pt. 37 ( #Israel #Propaganda-  #Lies and #Myths) - YouTube
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SHOCKING Video Of #Crashed #US   #Drone Hit With Rocks By #Afghan Villagers - MOC #288 by @LeeCamp- YouTube
#MainstreamMediasucks   #ZionistMedia  will never want to let you know.

#WhatsHot   #afghanistanwar  
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#Syria   The video is made from the original film-maker who came all the way from Iran to Aleppo and tried his best to complete it by the co-operation of #RevolutionaryGuard . Opposition Sunni Rebel fighters' years long allegation turns into a solid #evidence that Iran  has always been backing the #BasharAlAssad  regime.
This video is only a silly tip of the iceberg of tragedies.
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Insa Allah you will find your way__Why and How I became a #Muslim Girl  - YouTube
#NewMuslim   #Revert   #ConvertToIslam  
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taqabbala llah
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You must be waiting for the emergence of One-Eyed Humanoid Monster(in Islam)/Beast(Christianity) who will wage the Last Greatest War in Damascus Syria against #Jesus Christ - Holy Son-Of-Mary and His followers!!!! Just like an usual very classic,traditional #Muslim (also  #Christians  ) keep hoping and waiting for an   #imaginary   #HumanoidMonster ; who will be #OneEyed  , will wage #WWIII , causing anarchy and destablizing/ sabotaging the entire world (specially the Holy Land Al-Shaam - #Palestine   #Syria   #Lebanone   #Jordan  ) . The irony is while you are dreaming and waiting for those incidents to happen in near future, they are actually happening right now.Be informed consider the following key terms:

1. AntiChrist system depends fully on the #Western countries, power,politics , militaries, strategies, advanced-technologies, intelligence.The #Roman #Vatican based Western Countries are being collapsed inside-out since 2003. And there will be not a single chance to recover from being backrupted / bail-out.
2. There will be no second Roman Vatican based United forces who will fight one more war as they are already full defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and which is why can't stand for a second Invading fight.
3. If western countries' invading forces can't/fail to function anymore, strategically there will be little place left only for the Russians and Israelis.
4. Damascus fight has already stepped into 3 consecutive years . The fight of Damascus is a major condition for descending Jesus Christ Holy Son-Of-Mary.
5. Back in 2012 one of the most powerful and mainstream Sunni Saint confirmed then that Prophet Jesus Christ already returned to earth and joined with the Muslim Fighters in The Greater Syria.
6. The West and Israel are completely silent about the establishment and functioning of all-powerful Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam #ISIS aka Islamic State of Iraq and Levant #ISIL .
7. The West /Israel can't afford the courage/military power to fight one more battle against ISIS as Imam Al Mahdi and Prophet Jesus PBUH both exist there.
8. Russian Gog Magog mercenaries, the Sufyani Bashar Al Assad will be defeated within the shortest possible time period as key military and strategic bases and cities of Syria are being conquered on a regular basis.
9. The Black-Flag carrying Al-Mahdi Army is now within the range of less than 200 Kilometers right from Jerusalem/Masjid Al Aqsa. Right after being done in Syria, the Imam Mahdi Army will forward straight to Jerusalem.
10. The last cowardly resistance will be from Israel and they will be defeated once and forever, as mentioned exactly in their own book (see Jeremiah and others); specially written with emphasis over dozen times in Prophet Muhammad's PBUH Quran and in His sayings.

These are only in brief found in the Islamists/Mujahideen's official/unofficial books,texts, social media,websites.

If you have any doubt or question and if you want to verify if these facts and incidents are for real and true or not, just contact the Mujahideen fighters on the field. They will confirm you unofficially/off-the-record. Because all of them adjusting/arranging their minds and equipments for the incidents they are going to participated in. 

Stay tuned.......
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Pearl Whiite

Shared publicly  - 
From Syria with Blood!!
If tears could talk, you'd have a thousand words to say,
I'm sorry I couldn't be there, to help you on that day,
You have nothing left in this life, yet you still have it all,
Please be patient my dear family, you know who you can call,
I know your heart is bleeding, it's ripped up in two,
You're child is still crying, what is there for you?
The master of the world my friend is always watching this,
This torture and pain my friend in exchange for eternal bliss,
Because you fulfilled your promise, so please smile at night,
As you rock your orphaned baby and squeeze him really tight,
Who knows what tomorrow will bring and if you will see that day,
You are strong on that path now it's me that needs to pray,
I have my comfy bed, my beautiful family,
My fridge is nice and full oh so carefully,
But am I on the same path as you? Or is the ease my loss?
Have I thrown my life away and thought that I am boss!
Do I shout about your pain suffering and always pray for you?
Am I always grateful, are my words always true?
May we meet one day my friend in a place that is so pure,
Will we be together one day knocking on Jannahs door?
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The #signs of the #arrival of #Dajjal #AntiChrist   are emerging - YouTube.The custodians of #Mecca  and #AlMedinaAlMunwarah  and their #KSA  Police systems bear the signs of #AllSeeingEye  / #OneEye  . Just like an usual very classic,traditional #Muslim (as well as #Christian) keep hoping and waiting for an  #imaginary   #HumanoidMonster ; who will be #OneEyed  , will wage #WWIII  , destablise and causing anarchy and sabotaging the entire world (specially the Holy Land Al-Shaam #Palestine   #Syria   #Lebanone   #Jordan  ) .
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Taliban airs Kabul CIA office attack video Experts say propaganda video indicates Taliban has evolved into group capable of sophisticated attacks

Osama Bin Javaid Last updated: 10 Feb 2014 13:39
The Taliban has released a video, which appears to show the planning and execution of an attack on the CIA compound in #Afghanistan last June.

The video, which #AlJazeera obtained and aired on Sunday, showed the attack during a visit by US #diplomat James Dobbins, who was in Afghanistan at that time to revive talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The #fighters used fake US identification cards and wore #equipment , making them appear like foreign soldiers with official looking vehicles.

Experts said that the video was a form of propaganda, but also indicated the evolution of Taliban fighters, who are now launching #complex_attacks against US forces in Afghanistan. 

"I think they are effective, they have belief in themselves and they are organised," Masood Akhtar, a #national_security analyst from Pakistan, told Al Jazeera.

"The lesson learnt is don't ignore their competence to get what they wish to do."
Al Jazeera cannot independently verify when the pictures were filmed, but the Taliban said the attack was in retaliation for its flag being taken down at its office in #Doha .

Last June, Taliban attackers armed with #explosives and guns staged a #raid resulting in the deaths of at least three Afghan guards.

At least four attackers were also reportedly killed.

The Taliban quickly said it carried out the attack inside one of the #mos_ secure areas of central #Kabul .

In an interview with Al Jazeera, William Griffin, a US military spokesman, dismissed the tactics used by the Taliban saying they were "not new, or particularly #sophisticated ".

"It can be expected that the Taliban will attempt to used different tactics and techniques."

But Griffin also said that the Taliban had not achieved "any major #strategic_successes in these attacks".

Robert Grenier, a #security_expert and former #CIA_station_chief in Islamabad, however, said that the Taliban remained uncontained throughout Afghanistan.

"The Taliban, as a force, is not contained anywhere," Grenier said. "They have free access to much of Afghanistan. They can #strike virtually anywhere, and they are very sophisticated in doing so."

Source: Al Jazeera
#WarOnTerror   #TruthExposed   #USmilitary   #NATO   #ISAAF     #CIA  
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Why they are always fighting?
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Volunteer Islamic Welfare
Humanitarian, Welfare
  • Volunteer Islamic Welfare & Humanitarian Affairs
    Assisstant, 2003 - present
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Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Haram Al Madinah, Medina 42312, Saudi Arabia
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May Allah send His peace_and_blessings upon the beloved_Messenger 
♥♥♥رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم♥♥♥  and upon His companions, His family, and all_who_follow_His_guidance until the Day of Judgment.

Narrated by 'Abd ar-Rahman Ibn Zayd Ibn Aslam (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ), from his father who narrates it from his  grandfather from 'Umar Ibn al-Khattaab (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ), marfu'an and mawqufan 'alayh, that when #Prophet Adam (علیھ السلا م ) said, 'O Lord! I ask you for the Sake_of _Mohammad [bi haqqi Mohammad-صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم] to forgive me.' He (سبحانہ و تعا لی) said, 'How did you know Mohammad-صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم] ?' He said, 'because when you created me with Your hands and blew into me from Your Spirit, I raised my head and I saw on the legs of Your Throne written, 'Laa ilaha ill-Allah Muhammadu_RasulAllah' so I knew You would not put next to your name except the one who is the_most_beloved to You. ' He said, 'you have said the truth, O' Adam (علیھ السلا م ) and if_it_were_not_for_Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم ), I  would_not_have_created_you." [law laa Muhammadan maa khalaqtuk] . 

"Muhammad, He is not speaking from Himself, His own ideas or His own ambitions or His own emotions and feelings.  But this is a #revelation  (Qur’an/  #QURAN) which has been revealed to Him."

Say (O beloved Prophet, to mankind): If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah_will_love_you and forgive you your sins, and Allah_is_Forgiving_Merciful. (3:31)

#Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 89 :: Hadith 251 Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah's Apostle MUHAMMAD 
★♥*★✿♡****☆☆☆☆♥♥رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم★♥*★✿♡ said, "Whoever obeys me, obeys_Allah, and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint, obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me."

Narrated Abu Hurairah: "Allah's Apostle رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم ♥  said, "By Him in whose hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves Me more than his father and his children." Narrated Anas: The Prophet MUHAMMAD  رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم  said "None of you will have faith till he loves Me more than his father, his children and all mankind." The Prophet MUHAMMAD  رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم  said: “None of you truly_believes until I become dearer to him than his own self, his children, his parents, and all of mankind.”

Hadith from The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil_and_Portents of the Last_Hour ( Kitab_Al- Fitan wa Ashrat As- Sa`ah), MUHAMMAD  رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم  said, “There will never_cease to be a group_from_my_Ummah fighting upon #the_truth until the last hour is established.” In the narration of Bukhari: “They will not be harmed by those that oppose them or abandon them.” In Imam Ahmad’s narration: “They will not be concerned by those that oppose them or abandon them.”  

Sayyidatina 'Aisha, (may Allah be pleased with her) said: "Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad, ★♥*★✿♡****☆☆☆☆♥♥♥رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم♥♥♥★♥*★✿♡, entered the house, and I guessed from His face that something had happened to Him. He did not talk to anyone, and after having ablution He entered the mosque. I tried to hear behind the wall what He said. So, He sat at the pulpit, and after praising Allah (The Glorified and the Exalted) he said: ' O_Muslims! Allah_has_commanded_you   to exhort people to good_deeds and prevent_from_sins ; otherwise a time_will_come when you will pray to Him, but He_will_not_listen to you; you will ask your needs of Him, but He_will_not_grant them; you will demand His help against your enemies, but He_will_not_help you.' After saying this, He came down from the pulpit". (Ibn Majah)

The Prophet MUHAMMAD  رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسـلم  said: ‎"Even if the entire_duration of the #world's_existence has already been exhausted and only_one_day_is_left (before the_Day_of_Judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person from my #Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name. He will fill out the earth with #peace_and_justice as it will have been full of #injustice_and_tyranny (by then)."
Sahih_al- #Tirmidhi, v2, p86, v9, pp 74-75 
Sunan Abu #Dawud, v2, p7 
Musnad #Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v1, pp 84,376; V3, p63
“The devil continually pursues human as a wolf_pursues_sheep. The wolf only dares to attack those sheep which have separated from the rest_of_the_flock  and are standing alone . And so, my followers and my devotees! Save yourselves from being caught in the traps of misguidance and firmly remain with the_largest and most_well_known_group of Muslims!” [interpretation of the hadith from Sunan Abu Dawood]

What You Have Got To Do : 
Help and Support us to grow to speak up for #TheOppressed  across the world. Help us drawing attention by tagging, mailing from any email account , with a valuable and worthy information against #tyranny#injustice and #oppression. And of course keeping your privacy 100% up all the time.
We'll surely try to broadcast at our best. 
bi izniAllah
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ما من مصيبه ولا كارثه فى الدول العربيه الا ورائها ايران والشيعه هم العدو فأحذروهم


I must strive to reform myself and people of the whole world..( Inshaa'Allah ) !

NSA Goggles

See the web the way the NSA would. Highlights stuff that the NSA finds questionable.

Fake Terrorist

Let's make PRISM useless by creating fake terroristic noise

Audio Converter

Convert audio files online from one format into another

Online Audio Converter

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Find out your CircleRank for Google+ or who is the top followed person on Google+. It's just for fun, but more interesting than anything els

Dajjal: In the Light of Quran and Sunnah.

Dajjal: In the Light of Quran and Sunnah. The word Dajjaal is taken from the expression “Dajjala al-ba’eer The root dajala means to mix. The

Converting to Islam: British women on prayer, peace and prejudice

Around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year – and most of them are women. Six of them talk to Veronique Mistiaen about prejudice


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The Dark and Secret Dungeons of Iraq. Horror Stories of Female Prisoners

When women in Iraq are arrested, they routinely go through three gruesome phases, starting with humiliation, followed by torture, and often

Syrian Revolution

Syrian revolution news. For a free Syria.

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Amazing - Signs of the Hour in Saudi - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

A short amazing Clip by Hamza Yusuf, sharing a Hadith about the signs of the end of time.

America's collapsing economy and currency

Is the “fiscal cliff” real or just another hoax? The answer is that the fiscal cliff is real, but it is a result, not a cause. The hoax is t


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Canadian billionaire predicts end of US dollar as world's reserve currency

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Syria foes 'advance' in battle-wracked Aleppo

Syrian forces and rebels have clashed violently in and around Aleppo as the battle for control of the northern city raged into a third day,