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The end of a hectic week preparing our website to go live. Timely we thought to wrap it all up by writing a few lines about 3D graphics, winking dogs and bringing brand experiences to life for clients.

For the techies amongst you, the site uses HTML5 which allowed us to produce 3D graphics using WebGL - no more Flash or Java. Pretty difficult and complex stuff. The 3D Yellobelly you see on the home page pushed the boundaries– which is what we aim to do with every project we work on.

We also wanted our work to do all the talking– hence the direct, one-step entry from the home page to our work page rather than an image-driven carousel or endless scrolling of image tiles common on many agency home pages.

And now to the biggest talking point – a dog that winks. He’s totally stolen the limelight by the way. We’ve become rather weary of the usual mugshots of agency staff citing what their hobbies are or what inspires them on a typical About Us page. So we decided to take a different tack with the moving mugshots. All done with a sense of humour obviously. Great feedback received so big thanks to everyone who commented/emailed. And thanks to Matt Flack who spent time videoing us.

Be bold and brave is one of our company values and that’s what we’ve sought to do with our website. Push boundaries is another one. Some of our work pages will be viewable with Google Cardboard shortly which ties in nicely with this week’s article in Design Week. We’re planning to bring the Yellobelly brand experience to life…

With clients in the hotel, events and travel industries, it’s not hard to see the potential virtual reality will have for them. Exciting times.

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