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Kinda glad I needed to hack a portal at day 360 now #730club #ingress +Ingress​

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Yet another chapter joins the ranks 
Wait what!? Another XF-CC chapter? It's almost like we're on to something...

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Announcing a new chapter in France 
And another chapter joins the ranks. Welcome France!

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Luminary badge tiers unlocked #IngressYear4   #ingress  
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About time 
Slack is great, but there are a few small problems with the current implementations. There isn’t a client for Palm, there isn’t a client for the Newton, and there isn’t a client for the Commodore 64. The last of these severe oversights was recently fixed…

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Global Shards!!
Dear +Niantic​​, once upon a time you gave us real challenges in the form of (Global) Shards and Artifacts (not to be confused with Flash Shards, those are a lot more casual in comparison).
Going through some old photos (added a small selection of these photos to this post) I once again realized how much I miss those times of camaraderie and excitement. I don't miss the sleepless nights that came with them, but I'll gladly pay that price for them to return.

Lately more and more agents (seem to have forgotten the hardships they bring, and) are reminiscing about the adventures they brought us and the communities they created, saying how they would love to see their return.

On behalf of those agents and the agents that never went through this I would like to ask, Please bring them back

+NIA Ops​​ +John Hanke​​ 
#ingress   #shardians  
Bring back Artifacts!
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Yep totally

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tldr: Fuck you Pokemon, just, FUCK YOU!

So you might have heard that funny story about the city of The Hague suing Nia because they wouldn't reply (sound familiar at all?) in any way and Pokemonglos were trampling a protected dune area used to purify drinking water and protect our coast line?

Well Nia reacted in the end and promised to remove the Pokemon from the protected dune area. However, in proper Nia style, they left the portals/Mongolstops in question and removed dozens of portals in the dune area used for recreation instead. Beautiful and interesting portals no less.

Way to go Nia! Idiots.

+NIA Ops +John Hanke +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Andrew Krug 
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