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Visit my new website for all my latest blogs!
Thanks for reading my blog! I have moved to a new website: Graham's Green Design ! CLICK HERE to instantly read my new blogs Enjoy my new site :)

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RIP KeystoneXL
Opinion: How can subsidized pipelines compete with future green energy? After Barack Obama gave the thumbs down
on Keystone XL , the accusations fly were to be expected.
The analysis delivered by the media never really touched upon the
biggest factor in the...

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Climate of Paris
Opinion: An atmosphere of positive change for Canada at COP21 . First, a climate poem .  Seeing our new Government of Canada act
on climate is an impressive start. Justin Trudeau has turned
the lights back on in Parliament and is showing the world that his

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Politics of Science
Opinion: In a knowledge based economy, ignoring
reality is dangerous. Listening to great speakers is a
treat. The ideas fly freely, each new bit giving the discussion a new
interesting direction. I have always been drawn to the ability to
communicate scienc...

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Canadian Wind Energy
A longer winded opinion: As most
journalists, in Canada, failed to recognize the absurdity in Stephen Harper Government wind safety study , our new evidence-based
Government may start to make serious changes that will help our
country, and our citizens. Jou...

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What's Safe?
Opinion: Safety in Canada needs to be restored. In my past few blogs: Greening Canada , Freedom of Research , and Protect Our Waters , I've
been sharing some basic ideas on what Canada needs to do to
restore Government, and our economy, after our Stephen Ha...

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Protect Our Waters
Opinion: Canada needs to restore and enhance protection of our waters. Yesterday, in my blog Freedom of Research , I spoke to an important step in fixing Canada after our
Stephen Harper Government. While the inner workings of how science is
done, to benefit...

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Freedom of Research
Opinion: Canada needs freedom in science research Yesterday, in my blog Greening Canada , I talked a little about our nation moving past our Stephen Harper Government and fast tracking repairs to make Canada competitive again, with respect to green culture....

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Greening Canada
Opinion:  On November 4 th , Canada will end a dark story starring Stephen Harper, and start a new one with
Justin Trudeau. It's no surprise that Stephen Harper has damaged not
only the basic functionality of Government, but he also damaged our
global “gree...

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