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Let the cutting begin.

867 separate pieces required for 48 + 3 Cranes. We're using our fabric die cutter we designed with AccuQuilt.

Each Crane Block is composed of 17 pieces; 8 for each Crane and 9 for the surrounding background.

#QuiltsSB, #Cranes, #CranesPortfolio, #AccuQuilt
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I am pleased this morning.

Regarding my Google account issue, and the process of wading through pages, of "How tos", I did repeat my issue and problem to a Google Group Forum.

I have now received 2 responses from 2 members of Google Products. The first was a reiteration of the "How Tos". The second was asking for some specific information.

In the meantime, I have been able to find a couple of "workarounds" that I have been using, including the generation of a new gmail account, with the proverbial Latin "a", versus the north-of-the-border "Eh?"

Here's hoping.
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I was running low on deodorant, and as per the norm, I stopped by the local Target to stock up. Hell, there are now so many choices of brands, varieties, and essences that I just wanted to get it done and get out of the store.

There was a special, 2-for-1. I dropped them into my cart. Finished my shopping and went home.

It wasn’t until that I grabbed the needed new deodorant, Old Spice, that I realized that there is something amiss regarding the labeling of a just plain old deodorant stick. And I truly wonder about the P&G marketing and product sales department

“Deodorant For Nocturnal Creatures – Wild Collection - Old Spice – Wolfthorn – Deodorant”

I am missing something. When did it become a marketing ploy that werewolves and vampires, and probably zombies, ever have the need for underarm deodorant?
And do beauty salons and dentists now open in the wee hours after midnight, during a full moon, to cater for their night clientele?

I just have to ask.
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Cranes Quilt Update -

All quilting has been completed. The binding has been attached; now the hand -stitching. Sleeve and label to be completed.

Fabric choice has been made for the next flock of Cranes.

#QuiltsSB #Cranes #CranesPortfolio
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I screwed up my Google sign-on to my gmail account that I have had for over 8 years and/or at least since the beginning of Google.

It is a royal pain to correct the the point that

(1) I now have to wait a couple of hours because of "too many sign attempts to sign on" and
(2) there is no "human" that I can contact to help me to fix my "simple" error.

I have had to open a new and alternate gmail account for the time-being and cannot access, on my desktop, any of the Google products that I use.

I can still access the products on my iPhone and iPad; just not on my desktop.

I am extremely frustrated as my original gmail account is attached to every Google product that I use.

At least I have a number of good books I can read, and a number of new quilts designs I am working on.

If any one as any iota of "rescue assistance" beyond that which is spelled out by the Google Help Pages, please contact me and let me know.

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