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John Nash

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Yep, all arguments posed by "science" of the time.
Yeah! Tell me!!!
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John Nash

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John Nash

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Can't Hurt to Ask

My granddaughter, Hannah, begged me long-distance to come help her celebrate her sixth birthday. Unable to resist, I made my plans to join the family.

When we sat down for the birthday dinner, my son asked Hannah if she would like to bless the food on her birthday.

"Oh, yes, Daddy," she said.

She closed her eyes and began, "Dear Lord, thank you for Mommy and this good food she fixed. Thank you for letting Grandma come here today."

Pausing momentarily, Hannah opened her eyes to peek at me before she continued. "And please Lord, let us have a good time at Toys 'R' Us this afternoon."

Received from Doc's Daily Chuckle.

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John Nash

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"Cliven Bundy refused to recognize the federal government in this land use dispute, asked them to get off the land and leave him alone, and then continued to maintain possession of his cattle and use of the land as his family had since 1877.  Essentially, Cliven Bundy is now the legal owner of 600,000 acres through something called adverse possession and/or prescriptive easement.  The government had a court order, failed to secure the property, and after five years — in simple terms — Mr. Bundy is now the legal owner of the land."
by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network Domestic Enemy Harry Reid Declares Families Supporting Cliven Bundy “Domestic Terrorists” Although some people would consider being declared a “domestic terrorist” derogatory,...
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Yeah, the idea that this is a land grab by Reid has been debunked already, by many reputable investigations. It's pure conspiracy theory nonsense.

The truth is this has been coming for twenty years. It did not just happen. The only thing that changed is that the feds finally became tired of Bundy completely ignoring the law, and so they sent their agents in.

At which point terrorists stopped them from carrying out the law.

There were no legal remedies to expel Reid. This wasn't a land grab. This wasn't an attempt by solar power, or big oil, or anything like that. Other ranchers that use the land while paying the proper fees will still be allowed to do so.

This is all about a man who owes millions in back-fees to the government, holding American soil hostage through a force of arms. He has declared that he does not recognize the American government. Essentially, he has declared himself a foreign invader.
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John Nash

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Atlas Moth (from the +Museum of Life and Science butterfly house). I love how the wing tips look like the heads of predatory birds!
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John Nash

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John Nash

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Well, actually, capitalism is a system for letting people have those things which they want, provided by their personal industry. In changing economies, this can mean each person developing new skills to adapt. The requisite commitment on the part of each person is diluted if that person can obtain enough to be satisfied without being forced to adapt and change themselves, and they will then not change. 

This is where generational social dependents come from: some people adapt to get what they want in a way most appealing to them, by asking others to give it to them: that in itself is a kind of industry. Situational poverty is different than generational poverty in that the poverty is temporary while the person identifies the needed changes and adapts: for example, Hugh Hafner started out with a camera and $65, but built Play Boy Magazine from that. 

A Great deal depends upon HOW MUCH DISSATISFIED a person is with his or her current life: if they are dissatisfied enough they will actively look for changes. When people have always been impoverished and know nothing else, they are less likely to be dissatisfied with their current lifestyle: introducing persons in generational poverty to pleasant life experiences they have not yet had, together with examples of how they can change to have them, often foments change in that person, and sometimes in those close to them.

Communist and socialist systems are less responsive as human planners specify everything for every person, and there is a lag while the planners recognize the need to change.
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+Donald Loughlin is absolutely right. When you take from the individual the "opportunity" to serve their fellow man themselves, you take away the freedom to be a better person, or not to be.
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John Nash

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Volumetric 3D scanners scan not only the surface of an object, but also see inside that object.
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You have never lost until you agree that you are defeated.

Who am I?
Over time I have built a world-view, like constructing a map of the cosmos, and from this, essentially everything is understandable and anything is possible. The most important things that I have learned have been self-taught by picking up on or asking myself good, clear, penetrating questions to expose and articulate the hidden structures that underlie the experience of living.

It’s a complex world, and I believe we each should develop the facility to interact in a wide variety of ways. If something really interests me I have an incredible ability to stick with it — even though I have a larger perspective, I can be very focused and zero in on a point. I have always seen the world at many levels.

I’m always interested in developing expertise in new areas. I tend to be someone who looks at all the what-ifs, anticipating all possible scenarios and their likelihood: I rarely have just a 'plan A'. Once people comprehend the significance of what I am explaining to them, they usually also recognize its importance. The problem is that it may be ten years before they realize that I am right -- ten lost years which could have been productive.

Autonomy is important, to be respected for my own thoughts and feelings, ideas and creativity. It is frustrating when people simply dismiss a concept without trying to understand or worse when they actually fight against progress because doing the best thing for everyone would mean they collected less money than they could get otherwise. Greed is a very ugly abuser. Still, I never really think of others as 'too stupid to understand': only that I have somehow still not explained in a way that they can grasp, although sometimes I must concede that they simply don't want to understand. I am instinctively tolerant but the one thing I cannot stand is people who just don't care: about the quality of their own work or their effect on others' lives.

I am naturally organized, structured, and analytical. If a project enters my mind it immediately assumes the form of its pieces, its basic structure, and what sequence of events is required to get it done. This isn’t something I do: it happens instantaneously without effort. Issues are multifaceted and I try to think from different perspectives, not only my perspectives but others’ too. I’ve found it’s good to gather as many facts as I can. Sometimes there is a piece that needs to be thrown out, or maybe it’s the seed of another project.

My analytical instinct also makes me coolheaded even under extreme circumstances: when others loose their head in a disaster, or become trapped in placing blame, I am already working out solutions. If a shooter walked into my classroom and shot me in the heart, I would still act, knowing that I had about 6-8 seconds to stop him from harming anyone else before my body quit working.

I won’t do something if I feel I can’t do it well.
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