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Rob DeHart
Just a geek who alternately codes and plays Minecraft.
Just a geek who alternately codes and plays Minecraft.

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I don't know this lady, but I do know that chronic pain is hell. I know she'd appreciate any assistance. 
Well,  I'm doing this.

Why?  Because its become pretty clear that I have to do this.  I have to get better.  I have to get my life back.  Going to the pool, it helps.  And I need to go a few times a week because it is helping.  But I'm going to run out money to do it soon.

I am asking for support to continue to go to the pool, to start a walking regimen at home, where its safe, and hopefully over the next year build the stamina and lessen the pain.  

If you can't donate, can you share my story around?  It would be really awesome if I could start the New Year on a positive note for once.  It isn't easy asking this, but I have nothing left to lose.



Hi! My Name is Carrie, or Carrot as I've become affectionately referred to.  I have fibromyalgia, multi-level disc degeneration, spinal stenosis and peripheral neuropathy.  I have been unable to work for nearly 4 years and my life has become very limited.  I am in constant pain and it dictates everything I do from sleep to a social life.

Recently I found aquatic therapy after several repeated failures with traditional physical therapy.  Twice a week I go to a heated pool and am able to slowly increase the range of motion, and it doesn't hurt.  It actually feels good.  The tingling in my fingers and toes subsides and I feel more positive.

It works so much better than taking pain medication and I feel better about myself.

My doctor recommends that I use the pool as often as possible.  Daily if I can.  It is also recommended that I start a walking regimen to slowly increase my stamina above ground.  Its also about developing the habit of motion and retraining my body to respond better to motion and stop resisting it.  

The problem is that it is expensive.  I have managed to work out a reduced rate for a yearly membership at the pool that I do my aquatic therapy which would include all their locations (very convenient).  This is awesome and comparable to the YMCA but with less foot traffic. 

The other problem is that my health insurance has limited therapy allowances, so at some point I will be unable to receive aquatic physical therapy unless I pay for it myself.  If I have a yearly membership, I can at least apply my knowledge to the remainder of the year and keep moving.

Walking is another major issue.  I have an intense cold sensitivity.  In the winter I will break out into welts and get asthmatic from the air, so just walking outside is inadvisable.  Getting a treadmill really is the way to go to ensure that I am doing some dedicated walking every day.  I can schedule time to get out of the house and into the pool at least 4x a week.  I can't guarantee 7x for walking.

Therefore, my estimate would cover my year of expenses for a membership, a treadmill (nothing fancy), and gas money or pool equipment (they have these neat floating bar bells and stuff) I would require. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that these things are making my life not only better, but for the first time in a long while I feel like I might be able to get some control back.  I look forward to going to the pool each time.  I feel much more alive afterward, I walk better, I have less balance problems and less intense pain because of the warm water.  Walking is going to be hard, but I know that I need to work on this if I'm ever going to get my life back.  I just need your help to get me there...

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Everyone should take 10 seconds to do this. Don't forget to click CONFIRM.

#CommonCarrier   #OpenInternet   #FreeInternet  

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CES: Everything leaked so far.

Are you ready for an insane week of endless gadget announcements?

If you can't wait to get started, DVICE has posted a complete rundown of every CES announcement that's been leaked so far.

Here's more details on the new AR Drone that will be announced:

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A bit of randomness from nearly a year ago. You usually find the neatest stuff when you're not even looking for it.

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What have you agreed to? This site will show you.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, DropBox, Linkedin, Flickr or Instagram, you've agreed to allow a lot of companies to do things inside your accounts.

But what?

This site will show you:

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Small carrying bags block GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi and other signals.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

A company called MIAmobi makes a wide range of carrying bags, pouches and even an ID holder that all do the same thing: block all electronic signals with a built-in silver lining. They even have tablet-sized bags.


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