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Can anyone lend 0.094 BTC? 18mqRU5k7pjtbBJu23xXEZhoXvc8ven9o #bitcoin #btc

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Want to see Linux version of the desktop Google Drive app?

Trend it by using #DriveForLinux in your posts and comments :)

Edit: Don't just hit re-share - you need to also write the hashtag for Google+ to pick it up as a trend.

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Proof of how fast Linux is : xubuntu boots faster from my memory stick than windows from school PC hard drive 

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‎"I said it’s not good that he [Steve Jobs] is dead, but it’s good that he is gone. The reason I said it was because he was an evil genius, who did harm to the world. He figured out how to make computers that were prisons for the users, and he made them attractive, so that many users got attracted to the glamour, to be handcuffed. After he did this, Microsoft started doing the same thing. So he changed the world for the worse, and we are still fighting the harm that he did. That’s the reason for what I said. Of the various things that Jobs did, that one is the most important, and he is a big harm to the world. I am glad he is not able to do any more of this. I hope that his successors will be less successful than him." -Richard Stallman

I have an idea for a linux alternative to microsoft surface:
It will be programmed by me and anyone who wants to join.

it will support nfc, multitouch, and any screen resolution.

It will also support multiple users at the same table and to send documents you just grab the document and flick it to the person who must get it who must then catch it. to access your programs you hold your finger on a spot until a dial comes up - you then move your finger until it is on the category you want and the dial containing categories fades and there is a vertical list of programs in the category. Let go of your finger on the program you want to launch it.

It will also have its own window manager that will allow multitouch eg. hold the border and you can flick it to trash, and grab hold of 2 sides to resize.

It will have its own browser similar to the window view of gnome shell hust a bit bigger. You can also drag a window on top of another to create a tabbed window.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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