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Jason Wiener
I'm Jaaaason!
I'm Jaaaason!

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Jason Watches LOGAN
And it's really good. Brutal, but good. Maybe the best comic book movie ever...except that it's arguably not a comic book movie. In fact, it explicitly takes place in a universe where X-MEN comic books exist, as some sort of pop-propaganda for their adventu...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Closing Night
After staying up partying until ~4:30 am (with the help of Daylight Savings Time...grrrr....) I was still up at 10 am for the first Stella in the VIP lounge before heading off to IMITATION GIRL. It's a beautifully lyrical story of two girls, who are kind of...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--The Penultimate Day
Cinequest has been over for about a week. I guess it's time to write up the final days. So Friday night ended with me staying up with filmmakers, friends, and assorted Cinequestarians until about 2 a.m. But I was still up bright and early for a few drinks i...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 11
Friday, the start of the final weekend. And my Friday started with WEDNESDAY, because that's what Cinequest does to me. From Iran, WEDNESDAY is a reference to the execution date for an unseen man. He killed another man, and the grieving family has waited ye...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 10
Four more films on Thursday, my final day in Redwood City. I'll be in downtown SJ all weekend. I started off by getting there early enough for a little libation and food courtesy of Margaritas. So I was nice and relaxed for my first film. THE NURSE, from Tu...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 9
Cinequest has been pretty darn generous with the press screeners this year. So that alleviates a lot of the complications of trying to see as much as possible in a split-location festival. So first off on Wednesday, on the most exclusive screen at Cinequest...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 7
Because scheduling kept me from making it to Santana Row Sunday night, I started the day early by viewing my press Screener of NEW CHEFS ON THE BLOCK. Not the best way to see a film, but with a home projector and Chromecast it was a bit better than watching...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 6
Another full night of partying last Saturday, then a full day of films on Sunday, as my favorite drinking-festival-with-a-movie-problem marches on. First up...was a lot of morning drinking in the VIP lounge. A little breakfast, a little mimosa, a Bloody Mar...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 5
Saturday was a pretty intense day, starting with a little free breakfast in the VIP lounge, courtesy of Whole Foods Market . Just one beer with breakfast (I was pacing myself) and then off to the California Theatre. The first show started with the short MAY...

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Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 4
Friday kicks off a big weekend, and the start of my vacation. For the next week I'm not working my regular job, I'm a full-time Cinequester! We started with...drinking! A couple of beers in the festival lounge, then off to the Soiree at Mosaic . More Stella...
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