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Where's the scotch?
Where's the scotch?

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First sous vide cook underway.

I have artichokes with lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, and butter; and corn on the cob with butter cooking at 185 with my Anova.

I have two NY strip cooking in the sink using hot water from the tap and the teakettle at 128 (or as close as I can get).

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+Kai TechnoLust hot tub anywhere!

Ugh, can't find my circles in the new G+ interface. Also don't like the angry red theme.

I'm starting with Fornetix on Monday. I'll be working from home my first week then spending August in Virginia. After that I'll likely be spending 25% of my time in Virginia and WFH until the company hires mor people out here. (BTW we're hiring for various technical positions).

The pay is good and quite a bit higher than I was making at EMC.

For mor info about Fornetix and what we're doing:

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The ultimate soap for the urban sophisticate …

this is just a joke, don't get your beard panties in a wad

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Dinner. No picture of my effort. It got eaten by the time I thought to snap one.

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I can relate ... 

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I guess for some people Facebook being down IS an emergency ...
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