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Beatrice Euphemie (Karen)
Home, Family, Gardening, Cooking, Crafts
Home, Family, Gardening, Cooking, Crafts

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Applique' and Crochet - Five on Friday
Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are  having a good Friday and looking forward to the weekend ahead.  I have lunch and an antiquing day  planned on Saturday with a dear friend.  I will be keeping my eyes open for  all things 'Green' for St. Patrick's Da...

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Flowers on a Rainy Day
Hello, dear friends, I hope that you had  a lovely Valentine's Day and  if you don't have a sweetheart,  I hope you treated yourself to  something nice.  I know that Valentine's Day can  be lonely for some of us,  reminding us of those we  no longer have ne...

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Cupcakes for Valentine's Day
Hello, my Friends, I hope that you had a  very nice weekend, with time to do  a few things that you love.  I was fortunate to spend time with both of  my little grandsons - my sweet little Valentine's <3 xoxo The sun was shining so beautifully in my kitchen...

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In Deep
Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are having a good week as we travel in time towards spring.  Today I would like to share with you five things  I am grateful for.  As I was writing my previous post last Sunday night,  storm clouds were moving in.  You can se...

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Decorating for Valentine's Day
Hello, Dear Friends, I have been busy adding some sweet hearts  and cherubs to my favorite  place in the whole wide world -  my little cottage kitchen <3 I've been sewing and crafting pillows and hearts for my very favorite place, to brighten up these drear...

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Sweet Hearts - Five on Friday
Hello, Dear Friends, I hope all of you  are enjoying this first week of February.  Or, perhaps, you are just getting through it  as best you can, like I am :) This time of year seems to drag on for all of  us who live in the North, but I have seen  some sub...

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Idle Hands - Five on Friday
Idle hands are the devil's workshop.  Remember that old saying?  My Scots-Irish family was full  of wonderful old sayings,  mostly in my Grandmother's and Mother's voices.  If we were caught with nothing to do,  or Heaven forbid - complain of  nothing to do...

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Hello, Dear Ones, How have you been?  January is almost over, can you believe it? Have you noticed that the days are getting longer?  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are now  seeing daylight past 5 p.m. The mornings are still as dark as ever, but  there a...

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A Day in the Life - Five on Friday
It has been cold here in the foothills  of W. Washington State, with snow and gloomy skies, but this morning the sun shone bright into my kitchen  as I made my morning coffee.  The first thing I do every morning is  sip that wonderful, hot cup of coffee (St...

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Finding Sunshine
Hello, sweet friends!  These short winter days can  find us dreaming of warm sunshine.  Those of you living in the south  are envied right now!  The rest of us have to make do...... So come along with me and we will search for some little  rays of sunshine!...
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