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The Ninjer Empire is evil.
The Ninjer Empire is evil.


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Google Plus is going away.

The diaspora of this group have settled on three main places for now:

Reddit (188 members and growing):

The Reddit group has produced some deeper discussions so far and it's fairly active.

Discord chat server (40+ members and growing):

This discord chat was created by +Chris Stieha. We've added some useful bots for dice rolls/inspiration/etc. There is good activity. Very friendly place.

MeWe (225 members so far):

The MeWe group is the most populous but has virtually zero structure. If you like a cross between Facebook and G+, this might be your place.

You are welcome to join all three if you want and see which one you like best over time. I mostly hang out at Reddit and Discord, but am still active in MeWe and here (while the ship still floats).

See you on the other side wherever you go!
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[Open Design] Tarot Game Rules 0.1

I generally dislike interpretation. It generally takes me out of immersion so I try to avoid or minimize it as much as possible. That means I’m potentially missing out on one of the usual techniques for playing solo, though, so I’m taking on the challenge of trying to solve that problem for myself.

These are rules I playtested recently. There isn’t much to them, IMO, but their aim is to try and make interpretation fun for me.


+Jerry Colhurst

Hey Jerry!

Where will you be migrating to after the G+ apocalypse?
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Reddit & Google Groups users: let’s think about tags/flair and categories

I’m encouraged to see some activity there and some engagement!

I’ve been thinking about refining or changing how posts are categorized. One of the things that didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned it was the “musing” part of solo RP which didn’t have too much pondering about the nature of solo RP.

There was a lot of cool stuff about campaigns that people were planning, practical questions about how to play a particular system solo, how to do modules, and some nice sharing of systems (though not as much talk of the thought process leading to that design). Basically, I feel as if there wasn’t as much discussion or exploration of the principles behind the techniques, approaches or design that were presented or suggested.

I’m thinking that there should be a category for that in particular. Perhaps there should also be a category for talking plainly of your plans for solo campaigns without necessarily going deep into principles or theory.

Make it easier for people to find ideas without pure theory wankery yet also make it easier for people to find theory wanking without sifting through musings about a campaign setting. The same goes for wanting to find how-to discussions or pure technique/mechanics presentation without someone’s campaign musings or deep theory wankery.

Some ideas for categories:

Principles/nature of solo rp & its techniques/mechanic/system (deep theory discussion)
Talking about my solo campaign or premise (as opposed to actual play)
Share a solo system/technique/mechanic (hot ideas)
General solo (Uncategorized / rpg product/setup porn, other solo related fluff, light content, links without much content in post body)


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Our solo roleplaying focused community will likely be migrating to a few platforms, including MeWe:

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Our solo roleplaying focused community will probably be migrating to a few different platforms, discord being one of them:

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Our solo roleplaying community will be likely migrating to a few sites, including this sub-reddit:

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Just saw this one which bills itself as a "decentralized reddit" that is "community moderated":

Aether v1.1 is here!
Aether v1.1 is here!

Old Lone Wolf Posts- What to do?

I think this deserves some discussion as to what we would like to preserve. I personally don't want to direct any kind of centralized effort. There is just way too much stuff to try and do that.

I personally think that members should take initiative to save the stuff that they're interested in saving. Whether that is in a document somewhere (with a link to it in one of the forums) or a copy/paste into a new forum post is up to whomever.

I wouldn't worry about duplicating effort too much since that would take too much coordination. An admin can always clean up duplicates later.

So, save what you love.

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via +Robert Wiesehan The End Is Near

If this article is telling the truth, G+ will be dead in less than a year. This means that this group will need to migrate elsewhere (links to current alternatives in this post).

Fortunately, since I'm a solo rpg survivalist, alternatives are already in place where we can survive the coming apocalypse:

MeWe (156 members so far):

The MeWe group has virtually zero structure. If you like a more casual vibe and don't mind chaos, this is your place.

Reddit (94 members so far):

The Reddit group is a little less active but more organized. Expect deeper discussions to take place there.

Facebook group (68 members so far):

Google group (57 members so far):

Discord chat server (40 members so far):

Traditional BBS (26 members so far):

Which of these do you prefer?

I am partial to Google Groups, because it allows people to continue using their existing Google Account. As for the worst option, I think MeWe and Facebook are structured in such a way that they aren't very conducive to focused discussion.

In the end, I think that the best way is for people to join whatever alternatives you like best and generate discussions there. Even groups with fewer but active members have great potential to be productive (and will have more signal to noise ratio).

You have the power to influence which group(s) become the new home for solo discussion!

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Google Groups
Facebook Group
Traditional BBS forum
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