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Today is the big day

Dream, Plan, Go - is now available through my website.

They say it is more exciting to get ready for the party than the party itself. I agree with this especially when planning an adventure to an exotic location in a distant land. The camera has been the greatest excuse to justify hopping onto a plane and flying off to that place I have been dreaming about. I am so grateful for the way it accidently fell into my hands, as I have done more and traveled further to some of the most remote regions on our planet than I probably would have, without it.

I think everyone should have at least one great adventure in their life, whether solo, with friends, or in a group. This is why I chose to write my first ebook on something I am so passionate about; Dream, Plan, Go. I hope it not only is an asset to you in planning for a great adventure, but also in helping you to create those memorizing images when your on the go and you have one chance to get it right.

Please help me in make this a successful launch and share it with your friends!

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I've been Dreaming, Planning and am ready to Go to the Okavango Delta next week +piper mackay.   I picked up your ebook a week or so ago; loved the super inspirational photos and lots of great advice I'm sure I'll use on my journey.
I just got it....Looks really good.....Will enjoy it and get plenty of insight from it i am sure.....Enjoy Africa....Be Safe...Happy Trails......
+David Plowchalk  Thats great... If you picked it up from Flatbooks they should be sending you a new version.. the had a glitch and were to change it out.. but not sure that happened yet.. let me know I can send you the correct copy.  Have a great time in the Okavango!!! I am hoping to make it in 2013.. but things are already getting a little crazy... 
+piper mackay I picked my copy up from Flatbooks but have not received an update yet so if you get a chance can you please send me the latest version?  

Hope to have lots of pics to share in the next couple of weeks! :-)
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