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Katherine Lowe

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As I just shared on FB:

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ ".

Matthew 25:45

...sorry, please tell me again how the Catholic Church is representative of Yeshuah's direction? The gold, the treasures, the propperty, the power, the money, the legal cases "bought" into quietness - it kind of distracts me from the poor, the starving, the homeless, the lost, the unhealthy - please, do tell me again?

I also asked for everyone - and anyone - to share this.
Peace and blessings.
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Katherine Lowe

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Lol I like that :)
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Katherine Lowe

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lol love it :o)
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Katherine Lowe

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This sums it up very well. 
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Katherine Lowe

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I just watched the female ghost busters and I spent most of the film cringing at how unfunny it was. The comedy was forced and unfunny and unsubtle.

Let compare this to the original.

Library Ghost scene in this film:

The ghost has its scare moment and then vomits slime all over Wigg. Then cut to Wigg’s joke: “That stuff got everywhere, every crack, very hard to wash off.” (cringe)

Library Ghost scene in the original:

Venkman: He slimed me.

Ray: That’s great! Actual physical contact!

Ray: Spengler! I’m with Venkman! He got slimed!

Egon: That’s great, Ray. Save some for me. (deadpan delivery)

I mean it's night and day.

Also that secretary? I mean wtf was this some kind of feminist get back at how they saw the original secretary portrayed? In the original she was a little whiney but she wasn't so stereotypically stupid that it insulting. This male representation was utterly awful. I just . . Really can't describe how bad it and this film was.
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Katherine Lowe

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Face swapped my cat and dog :). Now that is disturbing lol
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Katherine Lowe

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Keyboards poll which do you use and why?
Personally I've always used swiftkey but since the newest version of touchwiz has brought themes to the stock I am conflicted. 
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Stock keyboard
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This is surprising lol I thought swiftkey would win hands down.
Perhaps I've become set in my way and not given others a chance x
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    Mother/wife Full Time, present
Basic Information
I run entirely on a mix of caffine, alcohol, sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts.
Firstly I do not do hangouts.
Sometimes I respond if a question is asked and like to debate on previous topics, however I will always ignore random 'hi' or 'how are you' hangout requests.

Secondly I am happily married so if people want to follow me that's great :D more than great, the more the merrier. However follow me for the right reasons, which is that you like the same topics or that you find my comments interesting or click with my style of humour (it is a weird British sarcastic and sometimes satire humour lol).

Lastly 99% of the time I will check your profile after you've added me and attempt to categorise you into one of my circles (i'm still learning). However I have kids and am free with my phone so if I see any pornography in anyone's profile I won't add you back (don't take it personally).


Right if are you still with me and not put off by my list of requirements great because I'm not a scary person honest :)
Time for a introduction.
My name is Katherine and i'm a 35 year old family woman with kids, a dog cat turtle and a fish (the other one died).
I'm very opinionated hence why I like to look at topics that interest me and debate. Usual topics that you'll find me in are about world politics good and bad. I don't know everything and much of what I say I am not qualified to say, much of the time I learn and change my own preconceptions and opinions learning from others more intelligent than myself. 
I won't sulk or attach my own ego to my view on topics and value anyone who can educate me if I'm wrong (however if I am confronted with stupidity don't expect me to hold back lol).

I'm also a fan of technology. I worked in computers for 10 years and anything like that fascinates me. I'm definitely a android girl and will usually try and give my advice on any problems people have.
Leading on from that I am a girl gamer and proud :D. I love old style jrpg's (love ff7) and games that immerse you into stories and find that in games the stories and script are more important than the graphics.
However I cannot stand playing online (being a girl in a teenage male oriented domain is not pleasant).

My love of story games could originate from my absolute bordering on obsessive LOVE of books!
I devour them and apart from a computer screen you'll never find me in front of a TV. If I am not being a mum, gaming or on here i'll be in a book. Fantasy book mainly and bigger and more complicated the better.
My ongoing favourite books thus far have been the the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, Game of Thrones (books not tv series) by George R. R. Martin.

The book series that is taking up most of the time I should be sleeping at the moment is the Malazan book of the fallen by 
Steven Erikson. It is the absolute holy grail of fiction writing that i've ever read and the sheer scale of the books is breath taking.
Word of warning though DO NOT attempt this TEN book series unless you have the patience and attention span to stick it out. Be aware that the first book (gardens of the moon) is dull and you end up feeling like you put more effort in than get any pleasure out of. You are being introduced to characters like a conveyor belt that don't ever get fleshed out and trying to understand this vast war the author plunges you into without back information is daunting.
After that first book the series kicks off and becomes truly fantastic :D. I'm halfway through book four now and would recommend this series to any book lover.

Right that's about it. I've been meaning to do a introduction to my profile for ages so had a lot to put in about myself. Hope you understand me a bit better now and that we all strive to make g+ a more interesting community.
Thanks for reading :)
Bragging rights
Bragging rights? :-D sorry yuppie coolness goes over my head. If I do had to describe me hmm. . . I won't watch a film till I've read the book. I won't read a book till I've read the reviews. And I won't take things seriously or let anyone get under my skin unless they matter to me :-)
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Beautiful scenery however the dog route is basically a overgrown muddy tractor path that is poorly signed posted and is basically a way for them to grudgingly accommodate dog walkers without actually allowing them into the wetlands. It has no relief route back to the car park so if you get half way around the circumference and realise it's too long or you need to get back you are essentially cut off. As was the case while walking with my 86 yr old grandmother who had a funny turn half way around so I had to cut through only to experience dirty looks and get harassed by a cantankerous old man. There are other options rather than condemning dog walkers to the outskirts of the park and responsible dog walkers should not be ostracised because of irresponsible ones.
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