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Why men?  The first time I saw this flick I thought she was the devil.  Now I know she's an alien.  Why does she target men?  Oh, does she ever bathe?

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'He's got Michael Jackson syndrome': Bruce Jenner, 64, does 'not want to look like a woman... he just wants his youth back'  At 64, he's a sick dude, errr, broad.  Accept the fact that we age.

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Adios Christie.  Have fun selling used cars.

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Teresa cannot even speak proper English.  Her so called Bravo Bio sounds like hill of guano.  She looks, sounds, behaves, and comports herself like the grossly, tacky, over-the-top, uneducated creep that she is.  She's just low class and there is no way she could have performed the aforementioned career activities.  Please.
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