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At A Plus Transmission Specialists San Antonio, we often get asked about clutch repair. So in the hopes of answering future questions you might have…we will try and answer the question “Does my clutch need to be repaired?”

What is a clutch?
In a standard, or manual, transmission, a clutch helps transfer the power of the motor through the transmission and propels the vehicle. Over time, there are several clutch components that can wear out. Luckily, at A Plus Transmission Specialists San Antonio, we can service and bring your vehicle back to nearly new! Our qualified service technicians will give you a free diagnostic check up to get you back on the road. 

How much does it cost to replace a clutch?
The cost depends on the make and model of your vehicle, along with the condition of the clutch. We will inspect your vehicle free of charge and discuss the costs with you before doing any work.
How do I know if my clutch is going out?
There are some indicators that may show when your clutch is going out. Some of these include:

• A Soft Clutch – If you have to really push down on the clutch to get it to catch, this could indicate a problem. 

• Burning Smell – When a clutch is on its way out, there is usually a burning smell caused by friction. 

• Trouble Shifting – If your car begins to shake when shifting, your clutch is probably wearing out. 

When you notice clutch problems, call A Plus Transmission Specialists San Antonio before you do even more damage to your car. Or visit us online at to schedule your free inspection!
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