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Shirley Schmuck
The world of a Crazy woman.
The world of a Crazy woman.

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I complain too much. I know it, but I can't quite stop it. Well, what woman do you know that has a husband retired and at home all day doesn't? It's inevitable.

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Have you ever loved someone so deeply, but missed the opportunity to really say good-bye? It's a heartache that never ceases. But there's still time to learn to shower the rest of your world with the love they deserve.

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Who Do You Trust?
A TV Game Show from the 1950s Starring Johnny Carson There are many people in this world that are followers of Christ but find it very difficult to share their burdens and their problems with their Christian brothers and sisters. These people are either ver...

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The battles of war, as well as the battles of life, can leave us bereft of hope, and hope, sometimes, is the only sanity in sight.

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There aren't enough brave women in this world. Well, that's just an opinion, but I see so few of them. Brave women live in their own space, completely oblivious to the world and its expectations. These women inspire me.

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Super heroes to the rescue! Or in this case, just a couple of senior buddies trying to muster up a little excitement on a warm summer afternoon. Excitement for them. and entertainment for the rest of us.

What If?

What if I left the house today and got hit by a car?
What if I play it safe and stay home? Who'll pay my rent?
What if I love that man and he doesn't love me?
What if I love anyway and enjoy the time spent?
What if I let go of my child's hand and he falls on his face?
What if I grasp him so tightly he never grows?
What if I climb that mountain and die in an avalanche?
What if I do something awesome and no one knows?
What if I write that book and no one reads it?
What if I don't tell the memories my grandchildren want to hear?
What if I clean my house today and no one visits?
What if I leave it a mess because I think no one cares?
What if I speak to that woman and she turns away from me?
What if I keep to myself and I have no friends?
What if I laugh and no one laughs with me?
What if I don't join the group? What message will it send?
What if I study hard and still fail the test?
What if I don't study and just get a passing grade?
What if I act like it doesn't matter?
What if I just forget all the promises I made?
What if I choose to be friendly and happy?
What if I choose to love every disagreeable human?
What if I laugh and gather all my loved ones around me?
What if I revel in and choose to enjoy the friendship of every man?
What if I treat people as if each one matters to me?
What if I remember to obey and delight in God's Word?
What if I choose to make a difference in the world, no matter what?
What if I make people glad I stopped being so absurd?

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The Cat in the Cupboard was written in 2010 when a friend asked me to write a poem about her cat. It's dual purpose was to introduce my young grandchildren to some new words. Alas, some of them are now grown and in college and know many more fancy words that I ever will.

Thinking of Daddy when I was a child in the 50s and 60s. He's lying on the sofa, reading the newspaper, waiting for supper to be called. And i'm watching him.

He quietly observes the room.
He misses nothing in his realm.
His eyes are fixed on the news he reads,
But he’s in control. He’s at the helm.

His gentle confidence is always there
As he softly whistles through his teeth.
There is no waiver, he never falters.
His strength encloses him like a wreath.

He rises early to prepare for the day.
He is constant, a hard worker, with lines on his brow.
Vacations are rare and finances skimpy.
He lives for today. He stays true to his vow.

I can summon the sound of his hearty laughter.
It echoes with memories of times spent together.
His temper was fiery, but his love was ongoing.
Devoted to family, love never fair-weather.

I adored him and always longed to be like him.
And I pitied his deeply haunted past.
Harsh memories of tragedy, the deaths of his children.
His emptiness within him was bitter and vast.

He left my life early, never knowing my children.
I miss his quiet presence, his strength and his love.
But I rest in the knowledge that he accepted the Savior.
To see him again is what I’m dreaming of.

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Oh! How we hate stereotypes! But, it seems that the animal kingdom have their definite views about who they are, or want to be. ( 'Have' or 'Has" ? Grammerly says 'Has'. I say 'Have'. ohoh. )
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