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Love how these two inspirational women are taking the bull by the horns, working from pure inpired action and intuition - join them today 
::: Why am I not as successful as Tony Robbins? :::

Have you ever sweated it in your business only to find the success happens other people?
Have you secretly wondered 'how they did it'?
Are you aspiring be as successful as players in your field and industry?

Join me and Jenny Kovacs over lunch while we have the sort of discussion that's usually held behind close doors! We'll talk and you'll get to listen in and understand the TRUTH about why you're not as out there as someone like Tony Robbins. 

Learn about:

~ The under use and overuse of words like like authentic, is everyone using it?
~ How comparing yourself to others can be detrimental to you taking action
~ How modelling the ideas of others businesses keeps you business poor

I'm sure that we won't be able to contain ourselves discussing other current nuggets of information. 

Come along with your questions, challenges and lunch!

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Business efficiency expert Julia Felton talks to Global Winning Women Ambassador (Inverness) Sophia Lennox about the 5 Secrets To Creating An Irresistible Relationship With Money So You Can Charge What You're Worth And Get It (in advance of her talk in Inverness on Thursday, March 27th).

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My friends Ann Wilson, founder of The Wealth Chef companies and bestselling author of The Wealth Chef book, has created a fantastic content rich free video series about how to create a great relationship with money - LESSONS FROM A BIG MONEY LOVE STORY and I wanted to share it with you too. Ann’s videos are really powerful and jam packed with great easy to implement strategies.

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What Could You Do If You Knew How To Make Money Work For You? Prepare to make that come true
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