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Robert Payne

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-Grammar Nazi

when arguing and chatting with someone on google plus who also happens to be sitting right next to you.. when you're in a smartass mood.. their faces after bein technical... priceless...

wants to go home and sleep some more. and soooo ready to some how pull my grades up.. pass.. and gtfo of Roanoke..

grades -_-

substitute. no work. freedom to do nothing. and its senior day. of course i aint doin jack shit.

damn it fer "Change" Absolutely effin everything up since.. forfuknever!

needs school to end soon.. bored as fuck and wanna sleep.... >:(

thinks i shall go to training.. and get chewed into a zillion microscopic pieces...... gunna be a fanfukntastic day.....

bang, bang, pow, pow, pew, pew..
im a ninja and i approve this message...
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