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The 90-9-1 Rule in Reality

The 90-9-1 rule simply states that:
・ 90% of all users are lurkers. They read, search, navigate, and observe, but don't contribute
・ 9% of all users contribute occasionally
・ 1% of all users participate a lot and account for most of the content in the community

But how real is this rule? Do all communities follow this rule consistently? If not, how far off is the deviation?

The 9-1 Part of the 90-9-1 Rule

So the 90-9-1 rule excluding the lurkers says that:
・ 90% of the contributors (which is 9% of all users) are occasional-contributors.
・ 10% of the contributors (which is 1% of all users) are hyper-contributors, who generate most of the community content.

What does the data tell us? On average, the top 10% of contributors (the hyper-contributors) generate 55.95% of the community content, and the rest of the 90% (the occasional-contributors) produces the remaining 44.05% of the content.
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I think it depends on the forum in question - sometimes people just won't have anything to add, and choose to say nothing than just create noise. 
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