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Our Client Profile of the Week is on Diane Smith! Diane is a KÔR junkie to the max! Below is her Pilates journey...

"In 2001, I went through an early mid-life crisis, had quit my corporate job, wasn't sure what I was going to do and was seriously out of shape. There was a Linda Evan Fitness Center around the corner, so I decided to check them out. Next thing I knew, I was signed up for private tr...aining. That's when I met Rebecca. She would become not only my trainer, but my educator, my therapist and my friend.

When Rebecca opened KÔR in 2006, I will admit I wasn't sure about Pilates. But I soon became a convert. Pilates really helped me strengthen my core muscles in a way that traditional training had not. Where I noticed it the most was with riding. I've been riding now for 13 years and it takes a toll on your back. To stay balanced on a horse, you have to use your core muscles. I found the more I did Pilates, the easier it was to keep the correct posture while riding and at the same time protect my back. And as an added challenge, I have a 10 cm fibroid that presses on my low back and by strengthening my transverse abdominals, I've been able to avoid surgery and keep riding without severe back pain.

I am grateful to Rebecca and all of the gang at KÔR (I've trained with many) for keeping me in shape and active as I enter my 50's and for many years more."

Way to keep up the hard work Diane!! We love it See More
— at KÔR Pilates.

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KÔR Pilates...all ages, all stages of life.
Guys, girls, little & tall, pre/postnatal mamas...we welcome all!
A collaborative performance of "Hanging Back" on the Trapeze Table/Cadillac by our very own (prenatal KÔR client, Dorothy at 40 wks pregnant, Mathew 9 yrs, Isabella 4 yrs).

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Kids Pilates is back! Starts Tuesday Nov 11th, 4:15pm-5:15pm (6 week session, $60)
Sign up now, pay first day of class!

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Happy Halloween from KÔR Pilates!

Happy Halloween! MUAHAHAHA. .

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Check out our exercise of the week.  Anybody have a guess at the name of this movement? If not, try to guess the muscle focus and some helpful cues to get you through it :) Leave your answers below! Please share if you like as well. Thanks!

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Motivation Monday! Whatever it is you're going after today, this week, this year, this lifetime...give it your all. You'll be happy you did

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Good morning Sunshine!
Proper Nutrition, Sun & Supplementation can all help increase your Vitamin D levels! (Weight gain, depression & osteoporosis are some of the symptoms of deficiency)
Check this out:

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Wednesday's Exercise of the Week: What is this exercise called? What muscle(s) does it focus on? What are some helpful cues for perfecting this exercise? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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Client Profile this week is on Sheri Glover, shown here fixing up her school bus as a smiling strong Rosie the Riveter taking five Pilates mat classes a week along with a variety of running, bootcamps, paddle boarding, and an overall lifestyle change helped Sheri lose 75 pounds over the course of a year. And she's kept it off for more than a year! "I had a neck injury and the physical therapist e...ncouraged me to try Pilates to strengthen up my upper back. I was running for cardio so Pilates was perfect. Besides I love to lay down and exercise! I love KÔR Pilates and all the friends I have made here." Sheri, mother of three and soon-to-be grandma of three, turns 50 on Monday! Happy birthday and way to go Sheri!

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Improve Pelvic Floor function with group classes at KOR.
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