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I'm thinking about the global economy during lunch today.

"In a blog post earlier this week, Olivier Blanchard, a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, pointed out that exports to China make up less than two per cent of U.S. G.D.P., so even a serious slowdown in China shouldn’t be a big drag on the American economy."

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The article shares a great story about video games, Penn and Teller, and the opportunity to help young people.

"Desert Bus for Hope is now going into its seventh year, and has raised over a million dollars. “I liken it to AIDS walks,” said Teller. “When they first started, I think everyone was quite puzzled by them. Then people began to understand that performing a mundane task and having someone sponsor you is an interesting way to raise money.” "

Good Evening! Who's still spending time on Google+? What's its future like?

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Uniting a Mysterious Ring With Its Rightful Owner

I almost didn't read this. 

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"Humility is rare because regulators like to regulate. But as the FCC discovered by giving in to Mr. Obama and adopting Obamanet, regulatory hubris can carry enormous costs—including to the reputations of the regulators."

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What some will stop doing in hopes of making a lot of money. Good people are losing their jobs! Super models have to (lightly) eat too!

"GoDaddy’s image makeover is part of the plan behind the IPO, according to people close to the company. Commercials with model Bar Refaeli and race-car driver Danica Patrick are gone."

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Shale oil needs $50 a barrel to be profitable.

"The problem is that most of the shale oil production that is being added has break-even costs above $50 a barrel. This is a number supported by many energy analysts, and also attested to by the drastic drop in drilling rigs and the steep cuts in capital budgets for U.S. shale drillers as oil prices declined below $50 a barrel."

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At times, I've been surprised by the amount of ammunition some people carry with their holstered handgun. Obviously, I'm not seeing what's being concealed.

"...Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming in having such a policy."

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I'm looking forward to trying this app.

"But the Android version is in preview only: to get it, you need to visit the Office Lens Android Preview page on Google+, sign up to be a tester (under “About this community”), and then follow the instructions."

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