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AUBiH graduate, Adnan Smajic, makes successful film debut

Within the program of this year's BH. Film Sarajevo Film Festival, special attention was drawn by the short documentary film "I am Adnan and I will not blow you up" by Adnan Smajic.

Through the perspective of security cameras, the author of the film pokes fun at social stereotypes which have many times led him to conflict with the police and customs officials for one reason - his appearance. Adnan has tall, thin, has long hair and a beard, so he finds it difficult to explain people that he is not a terrorist. The author points out that the film is a satirical reflection of personal rage against stereotypes of modern society.

Adnan is a longtime activist with a degree in International Law at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is currently employed in the IT sector. At the same time, he works in the NGO sector as an activist of the Centre for Environment. As a part of various competitions, So far, Adnan's experimental documentary film was screened in Sweden, Budapest, Washington and Zagreb. Recently, it was screened at "Montenegro Festival" in Herceg Novi and at this year's Sarajevo Film Festival.

The results so far have been a huge success and affirmation for Adnan, who has just stepped into the seventh art and it is hoped that he will bring great achievements to BiH cinematography in the future.

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Undergraduate admission is still open. Visit us at and secure your place at one of our prestigious U.S. accredited programs. Completed studies at AUBiH guarantee you the latest knowledge, internationally recognized diploma and employment opportunities anywhere in the world! Secure a successful future with AUBiH! ‪#‎USAccredited‬ ‪#‎Bachelor‬ ‪#‎AUBiH‬

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AUBiH graduate Sabrina Buljubašić, a new director of FC Sarajevo

According to the decision of the majority owner of the club - Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Sabrina Buljubašić will become the first female director in the history of the football club Sarajevo.

With the age of 27, Sabrina already has a rich biography. Sabrina Buljubašić graduated International Law at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and acquired the title of Master of Sports Law on the "ISDE” School in Madrid, Spain. Sabrina is a founder of the women's football club “Salt City” in Tuzla, where, in addition to the tool of vice president, she dealt with legal counseling, transfers and implementation of the treaties. Prior to promotion, Sabrina was employed in the legal department of FC Sarajevo.
Sabrina is another example of how hard work and dedication can achieve dreams. One major step in her professional development was studying at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, designed precisely in the way that it provides young people with the new opportunities in terms of employment and career development, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the world.

Hopefully, Sabrina will be the true sports refreshment and bring many successes in upcoming seasons to the football club Sarajevo, and to the Bosnian football in general.

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Students of the Northeastern University from Boston visited AUBiH

Like every year, as a part of a traditional activity, AUBiH hosted students from its partner Northeastern University from Boston, United States of America, that were in a visit to BiH trough they faculty-led program – Dialogue of Civilizations.

During this study program, AUBiH arranged visits to the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Office of the High Representative - OHR, American Embassy in BiH, The World Bank in BiH, European Commission, and Peace Support Operations Training Center – PSOTC.

Among many lectures, students had a history lecture by Hasan Nuhanović, a Bosniak survivor of the Srebrenica Genocide, the former U.N. interpreter. Alongside lectures, students enjoyed a city tour of Sarajevo with representatives of the AUBiH and visited different historic sites in Srebrenica, Mostar, and Konjic.

Student Vieno Carter, said: „I didn't know much about Sarajevo or Bosnia and Herzegovina before my arrival here, but I was in awe of the beauty of the country and city right away. After spending ten days in Sarajevo and with the help of AUBiH, I've learned so much about the history, culture, politics, and hopeful future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. AUBiH's success in arranging meetings gave me a well-rounded view of the successes and struggles of Bosnia, especially after meeting with the World Bank, the U.S. Embassy, Bosnian Parliament, a Srebrenica survivor, a Bosnian Serb fighter, and the PSOTC, to name a few.“

Student Audrey Cabral: „Sarajevo is a beautiful city in a beautiful region of the world. It has exceeded my expectations and every day I discover another aspect of the city that makes it even more endearing. AUBiH has made our time in Sarajevo especially rewarding, educational and enjoyable. AUBiH is a wonderful host and arranged fascinating meetings, lectures and site visits that have given an extra dimension to our studies in the Balkans. With AUBiH, we've gotten to know Sarajevo uniquely.“

Student Justin Ramberger: „This trip to Sarajevo and BiH has been great. I’ve really learned a lot from the various lectures from many different people including Hasan Nuhanović and Representative Senad Šepić, and site visits including the PSOTC, Tunel Spasa, and the OHR. I’ve tried to learn some Bosnian and I’ve used it to do simple tasks, like order the amazing food and ask for prices. Interacting with the local people has been great because they are so friendly, especially when you greet them in their own language. I have done so much since I arrived, and I wish I could stay here for a while longer. I really can’t say enough about my time here in BiH.“
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Students Rebranding B&H Brands

As a part of Senior Project, students of Graphic Design have brought out their ideas and creative solutions to how popular B&H brands (Bingo, BH Airlines, Avaz and Alma Ras) should redesign their visual and media presence.

Locally and regionally, the concept of branding is insufficiently developed. However, we are witnessing great marketing efforts and investments from greatest worldwide companies which, despite long tradition, strive to fit contemporary design and media space.

With the advent of new media, as well as a growing number of identical brands, there is also a tendency for a visual identity to be highly adaptive to all types of media and recognizable in the eyes of consumers.
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US students enjoying Bosnia during AUBiH Summer Program

Like every year, AUBiH is hosting students from different US universities in its Peace and Conflict summer study abroad program for the period of eight weeks.

This program gives students an opportunity to meet and absorb Bosnian culture, history, lifestyle, and tradition, both academically and culturally. Students are learning first-hand about conflict, genocide, war crimes, reconciliation, human rights, and resilience.

Besides program lectures and internships, through excursions and study visits, students used the time to learn more about Bosnia by visiting different historic sites and attractions in Sarajevo and across the country.

Students experienced the fusion of east and west culture in the cultural and historic heritage of BiH. The unique Bosnian cuisine, traditional music and, as they said, the genuine spirit of the local population hospitality additionally enriched their stay.

This was another visit where AUBiH deepened the relationship with its partner universities and introduced Bosnia and Herzegovina to youth from the USA. Meeting new friends and representing us at our best, AUBiH ambassadors have played an important part of the organization of this program.
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Students from eleven American universities participated in the Annual Peace March

American students participated in the Annual Peace March – “Remembering Srebrenica”, a commemorative peace walk organized in memory of the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide.

As a part of a summer study program, that AUBiH is organizing every year, students from 11 different universities from the United States of America, had the opportunity to pay their tribute to the victims of Srebrenica Genocide.
A key aspect of this visit was to introduce the study of the turbulent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the horrible crimes committed in Srebrenica.

During the March, the students also had the opportunity, through the historical lessons, to personally meet and hear the testimony of survivors and the participants of "Death March" from 1995.

A student from Rutgers University in New Jersey said that the experiences and stories from Srebrenica provoked a real emotional shock, both for her and for her classmates. "I heard many history lessons and stories about Srebrenica Genocide before, and this year I had the opportunity to experience it first hand. It was an emotional rollercoaster because we walked in the steps of the refugees of the Genocide in order to commemorate the victims. The walk was very exhausting, but a strong feeling of sadness and sympathy to the victims who on that same day, 21 years ago, passed the paths of hell, fighting for their lives, overcame every physical sensation of fatigue. Overall it was a very heartbreaking experience."

The experiences from Srebrenica, they will remember for the rest of their lives. As they say, an indescribable experience, touching and emotional, that even after so many years sadness and pain are present in the air and the eyes of the people.
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Art Exhibition of prof. Hadžiomerspahić at The Baščaršija’s Nights Festival

AUBiH professor of graphic design, Anur Hadžiomerspahić the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist to show their work in the central pavilion at the Venice Biennale, is opening an independent Art Exhibition of awarded works at the 21st Baščaršija’s Nights Festival.

On Thursday, 14th July 2016, at 7 pm - Collegium Artisticum, visitors will have the opportunity to see over a hundred works awarded in the field of graphic design and advertising, at various festivals and exhibitions.

Prof. Hadžiomerspahić has received numerous international and national awards such as Epica Award Winner in Paris, Grand Prix for Art Direction in Milan, Goldendrumstick and Golden light in Portorož, No Limit Advertising Festival Sarajevo - Agency of the Year, Exhibition Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo – Grand Prix.

The Baščaršija Nights Festival is a big celebration of culture and arts in the region, as well as the joy for Sarajevo audience - Bosnian citizens, guests, and tourists, including many performers - artists, orchestras, ensembles, and bands. The Festival basic concept is to present a whole range of international and domestic cultural and artistic diversity.

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Business leaders of Southeast Europe

AUBiH leaders participated at the Summit100, that was held in Sarajevo. This unique business gathering is the leading business event in the region that brings together the most prominent business people of South-East Europe in one place. With an aim to present examples of good practice and, at the same time, work on capacity building for new investments through cooperation and projects.
The theme of this year's summit was to improve economic opportunities, and regional cooperation through the identification of potential in the fields of tourism, infrastructure, transport, logistics, ICT and energy.

More about Summit at

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AUBiH Student Started 3D Printing Company - „MiniMe“

Student of Information Technology, Tarik Mehić initiated a Startup company “MiniMe” with the goal of introducing 3D printing to the market, and educating people about 3D printing technologies.
3D printing is omnipresent in today’s world and it is only going to grow as a sought-after skill. It is a process of taking a digital 3D model and turning that digital file into a physical object.
MiniMe printing process is environmentally oriented. Printers that are used operate on the basis of plastic that is biodegradable. The 3D printer is operated from a computer. It builds up a 3D model one layer at a time, from the bottom upward, by repeatedly printing over the same area in a method known as fused depositional modeling. The printer creates a model by turning a 3D CAD drawing into lots of two-dimensional, cross-sectional layers.
„American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina gave me a lot of space to develop my work ethics and gave me enough practical work to find myself in a specific area of IT and in addition to that gave me wider view of the business and education segment.“ Tarik said.
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