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blair mclaughlin
Anxiety ridden redheaded stay @ home mom.
Anxiety ridden redheaded stay @ home mom.

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Game of Thrones Wall Art
I'm not really one for the medium of Acrylic Paint... But when IsikkahJai requested some Wall Art for the GOT Swap, I though I'd give gradation a whirl.  There's a spot in the yellow I could live without... But the phrase is one from the Dothraki Book of En...

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GOT Dragonscale Gloves!
Does the  Mother of Dragons get cold? Probably not cold enough for full on mittens, but sometimes her wrist may get a bit chilly... (And if what I hope happens in the future, she'll be flying those Dragons to the Wall and it's crazy cold up there!) Here are...

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Pixie Hat!
This Enchanting Hat was made for the Enchanted Forest/Woodland Swap! Ha! I'm the Enchantress for making such wordplay! This was my first foray into the Crocheted Crocodile Stitch. I love it, it was challenging but with a nice payoff. The Details: This was k...

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Arya Scoffs at the Hound Mug!
Oh my poor, misunderstood Hound.  He can be such a downer sometimes, But you would be too if so many plans didn't go your way! I crafted this Mug up for IsilkkahJai in the Game of Thrones Swap IsikkahJai stated this scene as one of her favorites.  Warning: ...

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Foxy Sharpie Mug!
Insert catcall here! So foxy! This saucy mug was made for Jillybeans  in the Enchanted Forest/Woodland Swap. Details: Good old Oil Based Sharpies again... But lately I've been Stamping my letters. I've used the ink that came with the stamps, but I think I n...

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The Majestik Moose Hoopla!
I stitched this up for Jillybeans in The Enchanted Woodland Swap on Craftster. A moose once bit my sister...No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an...

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1UP Upcycled Bag
As you may well know (or not) I have 2 kids... a daughter (oldest) and a son.  This son of mine LOVES his older sister, it's a regular case of "Monkey See, Monkey Do around here. A while ago, Miss Morgan got into bags. She sees me carry around at least 2 mo...

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Crochet Hoop of Sunshiny Goodness!
With the abundance of Snow piled on us today I thought a Sunshine Crochet Hoop  would be in order! This was a little "extra" for SonjaBoo in the Box Full of Sunshine swap. I just took a Thrift Store Hoop and some yellow Stash Yarn and crocheted around it. S...

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Whovian Hidden Book of Mystery!
This is a "Secret Compartment" Book I crafted up such a long time ago for Grindhousehussy19 as an extra in the Frozen Swap. I had been saving this Thrift Store Find of a book for the perfect Whovian. It even had a wonderful Tardis color to it! So I went for...

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Basket full of Brighten Your Day!
Last January,  (I told you I had a huge backlog of posts) I got partnered up with the Amazing SonjaBoo  in the Box of Sunshine Swap.  She needed a fabric basket and I couldn't NOT make her one! The Box of Sunshine Swap was so much fun. It was way deep in wi...
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